Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What You Say?

What you say - breath to the…
Breath to the head, to the heart to the line
Breath to syllable indelible time
Breath to the heart
Breath to the head
Breath to the line
Breath to the tongue
Breath to the mind
Mind to the line to the breath to the Syllable
Breath to the neck to the name indelible

Mind to the breath to the mouth to the bad bull
Line to the heart to the brain to the winabble
Eye to the line to the sight to the mind
To the Sound to the heart to light to the blind

What What
What they say
What you say what they say what what what
What they say
What dem say mi say dem say what What
Whatta-man say
Whatta-man say you say mi say, what What

What she say
He say you say they say me say what
What whatta they say,
What he say what you say hey what What,
What she say
what you say what they say he say what what

What they say
He say you say they say me say, what
what what you say,
you say what what what they say?
Math to the mind to the time to the rhyme graph
rap crime fake frog party gammonarti toff fuck off

Rockin’ on a house beat dribble over wack beat
Me sittin’ by the riverside warming up my cold feet
Happy feet, nappy feet, who’s street our street
Looking for the perfect beat, bass treat, very sweet
Bring the heat, make it neat, bad sinta santa claas
good Black Jack Pete

I rhyme it, and lime it, sublime it and climb it
A crime it, like climate, bringing the heat.
Arriving on my boat with a mic and a beat
Burning up tradition as I’m scolding your feet
I complete the first heat to a race in your street
under the sheet I smell sheet and stink your whole fleet

Putting Santa Claus on pause, playing records with claws
I get all the applause and I’m laughin’ at yours, lick my balls
and this is my beat, kiddin’ this is ego trippin’ playing tickles on
your feet, smelly meat, fuckin Johnson deceit, hid in a fridge
bull Etonian elite.

Breath to the line to mind crime scene
Obscene, what I’m seeing, you saying they paying
I bring advance to the dance floor, the chance to bust dunce wall
spin it and spit war porn, Tory war Trump bore,
hardcore uproar to mean Wilson at core, cursin’
I met him person, we shared a few versin’
And I dedicate this version excursion to the legion of dynamic

Kill your darlings, fly high like starlings, swim like marlins
And I play in a band yo’
So let's go, free flow, undertow,
meaning though, medical, Mariwo, yes yo, bless yo’
I smoke for recreation, a patient, pot nation
I used spit rhymes at the local gas station,
it was a crass lesson, mess legend’ frustration

I bring heat to the church state cross paradox,
hellsgate watergate, I bring it to the boss,
In between the teeth like metal dental floss,
your mental dross, Is a bucket of horse piss,
urine luck, better buckle up huck quick

Stir...in, My breath starts whirrlin, my words turning, the world’s learnin
I hope,
mc’s are burning, fire and smoke churnin’ rope
Fat cat banker cunts earnin’ while the kids be starvin’ help!

Yes all the, kidds they be rappin’ ,
Mums they be clappin’,
Dad’s they be jerkin’
Man, the whole damn families twerkin, its bezerkin.

Let the fat yeti sing, it don’t mean a thing,
if you don’t smoke that ting and If you don’t kiss the ring
but kiss the dope’ dope and burn the pope pope,
smoke the pipe hype and type the right type
Tonight fight, for the freedom to say say…
What what what
What you want, how you want, where you want anyway either say
explore P.C wit’ me?
Bend your fender agenda, 23 see see

A quick ABC 1,2,3-4, hit it
The byte I bit hit, 1,2,3-4 I spit it
Nazi necks slittin
Through your Tory letterbox beating
Protectin’ great britain from the ukip villain

Race traitor, Tory baiter, what’s the mutter, see you later
I’m gone off like Gorbachov
Spicy like Novichock, chuck patriots off the rock, suck my cock
on your block, in your head, here to mock
Your sad life, jizzin’ in a Boris gym sock,
Motherfucker that ain’t hip hop
You have no delivery, just Uber

I bring the livingry,
You only killingry, scooby dooba
I’m angry and handy when the spirit doth command me
Never been on TV, Never sold a CD
I Don’t do UK democracy
It’s a war game to me
A blood sport, a rouse, a mystery with no clue

It leads to news when you lose to the snooze
Make it new, make it fine and delicious
The silence of right wing raps to me is suspicious
On the left, the venom is vicious like Sid, alive, acrid acid
I cover spam with a lid, and in your garden I hid’
Until you went to bed, I broke in and wrote on your head
white boy dreamtime is over, get up bald white said right wing Fred
to call it and I call out for all out war, fuckin’ pussies,
War on wankers who make war on the poor poor

This mouthful of air is full of language as class warfare
Black pudding in your pork chops twat Cameron debonair
You vote Tory, let me tell a story
Like jackenory, white men in a hurry furry

A stolen lorry, a hot curry, he lie funny but not funny now
I try sonny, I write dummy, my flows runny, like shroom honey blue buddy
You call wars on hoodies, leave cities of bloody bodies
Fuck your austerity, war on Gypsies and boozed-up courage.

This voice is my choice and my ice and my flies
And my eyes and your thighs and his ties to your lies
And dem’ guys get downsize, the upside shut up fly
Shut out fly, get out fly, walk fly and talk fly
And briefly beneath me the horsefly in morse code
Said Buffotanine toad, dig, draw, sculpt your own road
So, I made up a torso, the body Greg Corso, of course yo’
Recorso recorsi, recorso, comes back see, recycle the Michael Phone?

Recycle the mic ’into stallactite. Hold it tight, every night, lift the great ball of light
Gotta’ write to get it wrong, every bar, every song
Every spliff, every bong, is a gift on my tongue, how can rhyme be wrong?

Spittin bars on a trip to Mars, with Elon
My X just hit the ceiling, how you feeling
This letter I’m sealing is not deceiving,
my names steven, I’m just even Rat, weaving that

Hit you with some sick, flying like a bat
Bust a gobby shyte, in a silly hat
What you tryna’ say, who you flying to Bee
l Never heard of you cuz’ you never buzzed with me
I’d say it to your face, and wipe you on the floor
Hang you off the lampost, nail you to the door
What a silly prick, what a fuckin’ dick
Walking down the street, with a fuckin’ stick
What’s with the racist look, with them tied up shoe laces chuck?
Trading places, I gotta’ face this, baseless, spaceless, spineless,
timeless, rhymeless crime that’s

Spreading like white plague all over the place
Motherzuckers make decisions based on our face, book
book, burn the whole place down
Give me the ammunition I’ll be the clown,
zuck’ you wally
Get off your trolley
Scored a winning goal with this volley
You lot are way too serious and need some molly
Sold out over the hill conservative double crossing arseholes?
Please chew on the morsels.

--Fly Out. December 19th, 2019. (Edited from an earlier rant)


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Corona Cypher - First Thought Best

Hi, in contrast to my blog yesterday, I've let my words fly in a first-thought best-thought cypher, to imagine a vaccination potion full of verbs and motion.

Soul vaccination,
All across the nation people been catchin' honkypox (Honkypox)
When you get the notion,
Tower's got the potion - you might look in to set yourself in motion.
--Soul Vaccination, Tower Of Power (What Is Hip)

Patience patient paint that paradise
Dr immuno' flow help you throw the dice, thrice
Who know what you think you know, let it go
Let it flow, spring come lift the light plant and grow

Wash em' lift it up and push it up keep vibes up high
Planet spinning on its axis, rapid climate renewal
Quick death of toxic stock in fossil fuel?
Banking crash human race nineteen meter dash
French minister of culture cumming out with the rash
Johnson and Trump eye the cash king, econo-money over people?
Putin wins republican tory vote
Billions of particles dormant in throat
The vote spoiled crops and oats
Stop the blame game, same game, stop the wheels
Not with a bang but with a whimper
Better get a woolly jumper, spring has sprung
Equinox 2020 indoors tracking thought spores up walls

Banish fears and move forward like new years
Watch the fossil fuel weasels fight in their hole
Watch the Eagle, the Bear, The Unicorn and Vulture
Reach for the bowl, good for the soul and the journey
Euthanasia king now fight kapow
Hemp futures, plant a seed, that’s what we need
Fight greed with surplus, forests mighty string
Food fibre fuel, come on fool…I'll be your mule
Grow that hemp for victory
To fight the king 19 viruses, microbial and global
Use your head heart and irises

Look, listen, shine glisten
Now be that change, stay in range, set your sights
Like Noah we move tongues to a new dark 3.0 cypher
“Oh no…” but stand up and face the music, don’t go
Be the forward thinking solutions oriented one
Like, ride your bike
Take a hike
Don’t touch that rail, feed the poor and make them strong
Look after your prisoners,
Hold your officials to their word
Wash your hands, flush the turd
Attention to word mind body
You’re not going to die be strong, hold on buddy
Here’s a hand not a head-in the sand
Here’s a jazz solo, a new album, a brand new band
Over air, sea and land, in hope you better understand
Rhyme can unleash endorphins

And endolphins swim with dolphins
Prose vaccination for experimentation
Try it, don’t buy it grow your own
Put down that toilet roll put down your phone
Wash your hands and put em’ in the air
Wave em’ like you care
Mash on son, mash on with compassion
Get your grow on, go on
Earth and humanity needs you and what you grew
Make a new garden crew
Do what you need to do to prevent flu
Stay high, fly, CBDJ "Hi,"
Feed your immune system with funny thoughts
Play mind games and put out doubt with flames
Quote facts and peer-reviewed names to reignite
Each and every night unravel your talk tapes mi' mates

More toxic than J.P Morgan
Monsanto and a five-year-old bag of rotten potato
From the get-go King Virus by contamination
Like the four horseman in the Tesco lasagna
Pangolin traffick
Led to global epidemic
Pick up the mic and go endemic to prevent panic
With a goat, sceptre, and pot plandemic
Slammdemic dem
Murder virus sound
Kill that virus sound
Slamm Dem Pandem Mandem standin' firm
Throw water on it, fire, earth, blow it away?
No gun or bomb can shoot this King dead
Spreading like all memes trending at once, widespread dread
All Ornette Coleman solo’s at once
A William Gibson meets John le Carre’ finale’

Humanity run off down the motorway like a headless Pangolin
News and gov still manglin’
Vultures anglin’
Life lines be danglin’
Who’s who is handling?
Ching Ming….CHING MING
What good governance?
Utterance, for a dollar do a Johnson trap dance
Pulling out while Cummings keeps on Cumming
In Putin’s mouth
Snivilization slouches further south

No worries, it’ll soon come around
Table turn around sounds fresh and loud
Disperse to move the crowd, us discoronians stick apart
Stay one meter away and claim your space
Make your ritual space in that place
Surround yourself with good omens
Cleanse banish power up be here now
Wash your hands and then touch your face
Speak with sincerity, move with a trellis of lace, with grace
Rhyme to climb into the head and bring relief
Boost your immune system with some sexual relief
No tissue, use a handkerchief
Turn grief to a new leaf, good greaf?

Sacrifice for greener futures
That healthy planet for the young the dinosaurs refused?
A death sentence for business
The end of the dinosaur age is messy
Goodbye T-Rex, goodbye Nessy
Oil and fossil fuel industry made dust, past history
Toxic debts and bonds fall like towers unwashed money
Another bust boom bust boom!
Evidence capitalist governmints made of sand-men
Who do you trust?
World market kept up by tent poles made of jelly and marzipan
International unrestricted finance capitalism
Pandemic running loose infecting humans for millennia, check it
If Language is a virus from outer space so is money, burn it
A Pangolin Bat broth dissolved trillions
Gobble gobble gobble they earned it
Hairs on the arms of billionaires and millionaires flare
You can imagine them looking into space
From a Yacht, that stare
No blame, stop hating, we need to come together and stick apart
And keep masterbating
Wankers against the second come-king
Our leader's Russel Brand and Milley Ray Cirus
You’re gonna need pliers to get me out of bed
Stuck to the sheets by my leaky prik-stick spread
Who’s the illest now?
Beat the virus
Go wireless and tell a tireless solo choir-less let's go
Don’t fight forces use them,
Learn to love the illness and embrace darkness in fullness
And shine light, illuminate, stimulate sexdrive
To produce white blood cells

Mind body speech, word sound power, wash pray spit and shower
Cleanliness is next to holiness, be the pollan and the flower
Dethrone King virus and lock it away in a tinder box.
Not from terrorists but bats and pangolin
Pang, pang, pang, pang, with a pang and with a whimper
Solidarity with all in discomfort from hunger loneliness
Suffering from Corvid19, heartbreak or regular flu
My thoughts and virtual arms just dropped the mic to hug you
Fight back with A G C and T
It’s only about 8 Kilobytes, put em’ up,
Language is the key, break the spell do it well, duck, weave, duck duck
invocation not required, they’re all around touch taste sound smell
On earth and inner neurological spaces, as in heaven as in hell
Places to bottle up solutions and write new potions
To kill the King Virus and bring hope to nations
Yes we can figure out preventative medicine
Starting with high dose sessions of psilocybin
Stay high and happy, positive, keep vibing
Calling all gods and goddesses worldwide and beyond
From the Compton Length to Hubble's Red-Shift
Under mountain, glacier and pond
Give us a hond’

Every quantum super-computer and solid-state entity
Each and every discarnate spirit, ghost, an angel hear me
There’s no part of me that’s not of the gods, you neither
What are the odds, really, what are they cuddlies
Who's the patient zero breeder?
May the researchers find luck and perspire little
May the ancestor animal and insect spirits rise from this spittle
And bring the entheogenic dimension of love to our eyes
Love all the people the plants and the flies
Take rest on your low points, take flight on your highs
Do art and dance, sing keep an eye out for all
Up there on the ceiling and above the roof from the floors to the wall
Keep death on a pale horse at bay
The return of the King
Who would want such a thing
Who wears the crown of thorns
What religious leader can end all wars
Biological peacemaker or lifetaker?
Poems dark turn toward scripture, tongues burn
A crown of thorns corona
The second coming of Christ, Koronagain
Judgement Day Coronopalypse
Convictions make convicts?
If you wish to put it that way and let it past your lips?
I say neigh, not on my watch, not tomorrow and not today
Pick any scripture, any month, any day and fire away and say
Any event from the last five years signifies end times
Judgement day, the apocalypse
World populist political surge and 2008 banking heist scourge
Economic corporate fascist free-reign, acid rain, Bottcher con main
Climate and environmental lies, deceit…
Take your pick…from the familiar terrain, stay rational
Don't loose your nerve
Just cuz' Christ wore a crown of thorns
And his mythical return to judge
Humanity does not mean
The Jesuspect Christereotype is guilty, does it?
Cleanliness next to holiness

From animal kingdom hunted and trafficked
To near extinction by an appetite for meat and status, meat death
Better get in touch with your immune system, direct line please
Hello, hi, hello, can you hear me, this is…..
Hello, hey, are you there, this...this is steve"
As I said take those magic mushrooms, get up, get out of bed
Stand up be strong lead the way to health and fitness, break bread
Get ready to fight and to encourage others
Rhyme with reason be tough
Be brave write it out, fears and cheers together
The light and dark Escher effect
What happened to bird flew and wine flu?
Word flew, bird said, word stew, me brew tea brew
The vaccine is at the bottom of the mushroom teacup
With chunks of some Amanita or other?
Fly Agaric used and abused for weapons chemicals
Enhanced mushrooms warfare
To cause illness and sickness
Respiratory poison mustard gas nerve agents
From poisonous mushrooms
So odious and against nature and her love
NO! use mushrooms for good god damn it
Within the poison may lie the cure?
Ah, fuck it, I’ll smoke a spliff and listen to Rob Smiff.

Love you, stay safe.
--Steve Fly Agaric 23.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fly: Selected Poetry by Steven Pratt.

"Steve fly Pratt provokes the reader into a notorious intellectual ghetto, conspiracy theory. His methodology is susceptible to number of pitfalls. It is a daring genre. It is based on risks, like poetry or Bebop."--Christian Greer.

The language of poetry requires a careful balance between spontaneous thought and various charging techniques, to pull down thought into alphabet and not stray too far from the laws. These words are shored from contaminated streams of consciousness, and deployed as snapshots. Brief excursions. Good poetry aims to charge language to a higher degree of meaning and i have no lesser aim to, power-up. Selected from writings started in America, Britain and for the most part, the Netherlands. These poems criss-cross between light hearted rhyming slang and exaggerated hyperbolic rap. Glossing everything from brexit to terrorism, facebook to John Coltrane, economics, psychedelics, anarchism, music and death. Sometimes hilarious, often cryptic and always rolling with rhyme, these scrawls bridge a decade or from the unique perspective of DJ, drummer and writer.


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Steve Fly 33.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dude Lie pt. 1

who's it gonna' be, who?
and what policy
good for me well bully for you
will it be lucky Les'
the police commissioner
pardon me chap,
computer engineer
fancy that

Ian 'bostin' Austin
hard labour hanger on
what policy?
universal basic income?
on. Get hip to J.C doood.

Bill 'the swill' Etheridge
for the purps
previous 9,000 plus votes
bursting purple, snap.
what policy?

Blue, red and
all bursting shades of

red has slightly more
oxygen in it

nuff' bout the bloody puppets,
what gwarn' wit the policy?

This is not some kind of a
gameshow. snap.
this is politics in
Dudley, snap.


"Why can't we live together?"--Sly

I ain't no politician, i am not studied in arts
of rhetoric, parliamentary history
law, regulation or social statistics
of race class gender sexual preference
and/or religious persuasion.

i am not a businessman
a venture capitalist or CEO
i am not qualified to even really be writing this
i mean, i am no match for the smartest
whips in the hoodly Dudley.

Just a voice in the wilderness
many miles away drifting over in
rain and cloud foggy mist.

Just pretty pissed.
Drunk and angry, beligerent
pissed off and ready to rant
ready to chant

Not my monkey, not my circus
not my town not my people
think for yourself!
but please, remember the others

you are my others
unknown readers
seeders and DJs
here to address Dudley
snap elections 2017.

My platform,
Boots chemistry
and brain training
to know a platitude
spot a lie
wouldn't hurt a sky

to the fly with the utopian
verse, out with the curse
bloody hell the dull numbing
fat of purple feeble old
can't read
anybody elses opinion

Tories led to the farmyard
for some trough questions
nom nom nom nom
intelligent so should know better

Labour candidates
kidnapped and played
Slavoj Zizek lectures on repeat
until Hegel, Lacan
Stirner and Nietzsche are
firmly imprinted and understood

oh fuck it
better of just randomly
picking a name out of a hat
to find a trusted leader in these times
an accidental chance gardener
maybe what we

reqire but we'll
get the animal swill
the same animals driven
by consumption
blind to structure
same fat different glasse
you dig?

here's what led me to this
i wanted to write on the Dudley
snap election.

And i looked online and snap.
My first impression:
how much money did the Tories
pay for that headline?

then the penny dropped
they own all the fucking newspapers
stourbridge news, halesowen news,

2nd largest
newspaper distributer
parented by Gannet media in Virginia!

so make Dudley great again
create a free and independent press
get rid of the adverts
that pop up when reading
a friends obituary

and check yo' letters
more carefully for
hate groups and racist comments
moderate better.

And those linked news stories,
like the one about the ex-copper
who quit to lap dance
how are they generated!
by what algorithm

so i don't like the policy
so i try and brake the foundation
call conspiracy between media
corporations, generally biased toward
the right leaning friendly capitalists

the ideological moral cowards
the moral cowards
the moral cowards
the moral cowards

so, you have the intelligence
at those wrinkled fingertips
all the history books,
all the social data,
but what about the psychology
the magic, the art
got any of that?

Not to tease you
my imaginary political nemesis
but the nitty gritty for me revolves
around the questions of identity
individual and national
soveriegn and narrative
spiritual and dialectically material
let us play
let us say

and on policy?
my turn, what would i do what did i learn?
not to turn the other cheek,
not to insult the weak
to leak or not to leak
security and insecurity
Otis Redding

and if you can't achieve tolerance
at least attempt some courtesy
have a heart
not just a way

Listen to those with a
balanced and clear voice
with a joy and love of knowledge
to pass on memorable phrases
dazzle with erudition
make fun
and invite interaction

Beware of the bores
the predictable, low
information content
content with status quo
standing together
better together together
stronger standing better
jobs standing
jobs better standing together

how can this writing change anything
scroll on fascists!
kidding, just scroll on...

and more of this emo tone
drone of moan moan moan
if you don't vote you can't complain
don't moan cuz' you don't vote
this is art moan,

a loan moan, a road groan from a lone crone,
a sewed comb to a thigh bone to a cell phone
key drone driveless driveby shooting of tony
tooting the great floating captain puss in bootin'
snooty toot footy but handy sandy shandy swillin'
top billin' acrillin more than your zillion up late tillin'
culture by the chin of flax, vinyl by stacks by the wax
sleeping in the cracks calculating tax on rish and poor
move over don't snore, you hear, get up, get up.
there's work to be done.

think it through
check the policy follow
yourself into narrative identity
labyrinth and find your future
entangled self embattered
to the saucepan-
-aromicon picture

rock the hobby horse
and roll with the leaf
I think Shakespeare smoked a
tidy pipe, and maybe huffed
hashish shish.

excuse me,
i mean i don't hate these
animals i pity them,
oh and i am an animal too
i also have these desires
you can read all about em'
but i don't go forcing my
politics on people

and other ideas beyond the
political sphere of debate
social credit
block chain systems
drug reform
mental health reform
land and property reform
in ways not yet detailed in
any plans from the contenders

imagination is the key
have the vision,
like merry hill,
with no shops, just free food
and relaxation areas,
workshops, open theater
open free bustling with people

--Steve Fly

Steve Fly 33.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

More of the words - rhyme time

And to the next verse my mouth changes curse
Pulling on the purse putting bling on reverse
Flow on the box, throwing old hot-rocked socks
Time stole from clocks, door opened after-knocks
Keep it on the the tip caught falling from the nip
Nap it in the sack, pull it back, quick crossing
While teeth are chewin' my hands are busy flossing
Lead your mind code green to the crossing
No fussing

Leave the crowd buzzing, nuzzle the nozzle of nuff singing
Rhyme slinging fit for a freak for week fresh off the beak
Click and cast the best breath i got left
Laughed at the Po, they don't know my mind awake aglow
Igloomy friday snaps in between naps
Tetrahydrocannibonol on caps
Full to the top of words cut the crop
You flip i flop, verbs don't stop with herbs on top
Fight the slop with little bits of class
Come run the riddim' track get off your ass.

Walk take a stroll keep the heart in control
Tap and turf with your toe and see what seeds you sew
Minds we must blow
Pickin up the bass line over it we go.

Moving it shifting it lifting it grafting it crafting it
Cracking it hacking it smacking it checking it wrecking it
Waxing it taxing it flexing it vexing it sexing it
Here a little words for the bread boy crew
Raised in an oven dish next to a zoo
What you gonna’ do, you talk like the flu
Pop it in a trash bag and float it down the loo
He be getting hype with a top lip on the mic
Me holding it down with a staple and a spike
Running down the path heading to the math
Stopped at the cafe and laughed at the graff'
Methymetic took me by surprise, eyebrow rise
Fighting off flies making nests in my eyes

Now Now
Wake up with cup of crystal clear
No added sugar and nothing like beer
Wake up with a cup and drink it down quick
Wake up to the taste of a stimulating drink
Kick up the sheets and smash in the pillow
Feel the effect of the music soft and mellow
Hug the next fellow then dance to the beat
Move every bone inside from hands to your feet
Step into the mayhem walk the streets tall
Run and crawl swim and fly, beware the shopping mall

I cried walk on the sidewalk to the board-walk to talk
The incredible help from the paper and felt pen in my belt
like a misspelled crowd i screamed aloud, “allowed?”
Aloud be thy name, and thy bass beat drum
For ever and never, forever turningly yours, pot jaws.
Avoid all the laws and riffle through draws with my paws
No pause for applause the show’s top shelf because

The T to the A to the L to the E
To The O to the F to the T.H.E
To the T to the R to the I.B.E

Pick lock with epic keys key to cryptography these
Jumping like fleas in the ‘globillage’ buzzing like bees
Who can write the tale from bigending to startish

Include all history, language and shine like starfish?
How to lift such a sculpture into the light of day

Hang it all, hang it all again, hang it your way
Times cycling from Nero to Trump
The news and reality fuck off with a bump

Stumped by the weight the blazing fire and death
The Mourning of the planet, the people, the culture
Dying every day, dying to survive, stop the car, stop
I don’t drive, i walk to feel alive, count each blessing
Each day passing do you know how many would…
Confessin my blues strive for news that stays news
Truth from the hoof under guise of aloof, gone, poof, proof
All under one roof, one tale one story,
The one about revenge as Homeric tragic-comedy

Keep it short, play love and beat the sport
Sport the beat and look after dem’ feet
Treat the world to a massage and a peek behind your mirage
A rustle under your bed and sweep through your dad’s garage
If you get hip hope is nosebleed, love seed is all you need

tire not be strong like bamboo baby, like hurricane and
Tsunami, be strong and resistant be the weather and earth
Walk high in ancestors boots and watch the turf
Learn the local ways and be the midwife to the rebirth
Into cool dive swim and float up to school

Faster and faster dem flippers keep flappin’
Talk wit’ lots of syllables for fatter fly chattin’
Next up to bowl and use sonar for my battin’
Hit the ball up the wall well how about thatin’
Run to the hump and hope they miss catchin’
Grab your balls and count the bases
Keep on playing fair in all the different places
Traces of effort against the storm on faces
Cake is the place and the food can hold spaces

Baking the mind to find rhyme taking lead
Perhaps it would be better on coke or some speed

Words off the top in the improv tradition

Making things meet and greet like a tongue on a mission.
Each sentence a new chance to shed an inhibition
In the back of your minds lake i go eureaka fishin’
Splish splash in my pocket looking for a coin to the socket
Pull the lever and feed my inner beaver
Now its on like Eldridge Cleaver, you butter believer?

I chisel the page with a bless-up messing with a mic
Ride the airwaves like an eagle on a bike

Take up the story for the paint and the glory
Wake up snory, look up, it’s sporey

Let it come down and reach your inner clown
Prank on the bank and swank in front of the tank

Rise between the eyes, get up to the crown centre
Spitting each presenter straight to the implementer
To simplify i dream sky, purple cloud lions fist grasshopper
Found gods in the dropper blotter mind squeeze flutter
Bitter skate sympathy kick flipped to the gutter
Let me speak of the mutter and pray i don’t stutter

Boxing my way out of a cereal box i catch chicken pox
Coming home to roost, its the goose where’s my docs?
Flocking hell, what the coup, i think i’ll wing it with my nuggets
Abreast of the fowl act i packed snax in my sack of treats
Im waiting for you at the coffeeshop with beats
Maybe maybe baby don’t double drop, fill your seats
Come come come around
Come come come around

I pick up the saw and start cutting at tropes
Leap up to the rafters and attach a few ropes
Trip up the footnotes and trash each litter
I dream in the margins and breathe every comma
I hang off each line and add graphics to the para
The capital of each story, each word a puzzle shop
Symbols in the marketplace now put right to a stop.

--Steve Fly Agaric 23
Steve Fly 33.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The transformational grammar of a fly agaric hypothesis.

The transformational grammar of a fly agaric hypothesis.

Linguistic warfare and Guerrilla ontological combat, in the mushroom field.

the word Fly…morpheme - usage - spread - ambiguity - butter
“The more combinations a morpheme is found in, the more productive it is said to be.

All that is, is metaphor’—RAW, quoted Bucky and/or Korzybski?

naturally occurring metaphor vs. abstraction. What action?

Philosophy of language - panspermia - mycological etymology:

Generative Semantics
Korzybski - TTOTT - RAW.

Chomsky - generative syntax - vs. Lakoff - Generative semantics - linguistic wars.

entheobotany - samorini - bridge to natural world

“descriptive generalizations are not hyperthetical, but demonstrable in nature.”

Fly - Flight - Flies:

Fly Agaric - species found in nature - in the woods, literally the thing, named for it’s function.

And T. Mckenna - brewing psilocybin and evolution of human language 

spatial language - different combinations of the same thing - primitives - native american system

concepts - containments- room, face of clock, bottle - topological trends
scale invariant - in and out - dependent on topology VR/AR whoa'
and motion - kinds of motion in different languages - along - besides something that is long


things in motion & motion in things
verb of motion - road, path - verb of motion to TRACE that motion

goes along the coast - runs through
embodied cognition - image schemes, structure how you see, how do you move.

--Steve Fly 

It is possible that the core principles of the language faculty be correlated to natural laws (such as for example, the Fibonacci sequence — an array of numbers where each consecutive number is a sum of the two that precede it, see for example the discussion Uriagereka 1997 and Carnie and Medeiros 2005). According to the hypothesis being developed, the essential properties of language arise from nature itself: the efficient growth requirement appears everywhere, from the pattern of petals in flowers, leaf arrangements in trees and the spirals of a seashell to the structure of DNA and proportions of human head and body. If this law applies to existing systems of cognition, both in humans and non-humans, then what allows our mind to create language? Could it be that a single cycle exists, a unique component of which gives rise to our ability to construct sentences, refer to ourselves and other persons, group objects and establish relations between them, and eventually understand each other? The answer to this question will be a landmark breakthrough, not only within linguistics but in our understanding of cognition in general. —https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biolinguistics
“Many scientists share the belief that there are problems with falsifiability and foundation ontologies purporting to describe "what exists", to a sufficient degree of rigor to establish a reasonable method of empirical validation. But Lakoff takes this further to explain why hypotheses built with complex metaphors cannot be directly falsified. Instead, they can only be rejected based on interpretations of empirical observations guided by other complex metaphors. This is what he means when he says[7] that falsifiability itself can never be established by any reasonable method that would not rely ultimately on a shared human bias. The bias he's referring to is the set of conceptual metaphors governing how people interpret observations.”
“In the 1996 book Moral Politics, Lakoff described conservative voters as being influenced by the "strict father model" as a central metaphor for such a complex phenomenon as the state and liberal/progressive voters as being influenced by the "nurturant parent model" as the folk psychological metaphor for this complex phenomenon. According to him, an individual's experience and attitude towards sociopolitical issues is influenced by being framed inlinguistic constructions. In Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf, he argues that the American involvement in the Gulf war was obscured or "spun" by the metaphors which were used by the first Bush administration to justify it.”

“In 2006 Steven Pinker wrote an unfavorable review of Lakoff's book Whose Freedom? The Battle over America's Most Important Idea. Pinker's review was published in The New Republic. Pinker argued that Lakoff's propositions are unsupported and his prescriptions are a recipe for electoral failure. He wrote that Lakoff was condescending and deplored Lakoff's "shameless caricaturing of beliefs" and his "faith in the power of euphemism". Pinker portrayed Lakoff's arguments as "cognitive relativism, in which mathematics, science, and philosophy are beauty contests between rival frames rather than attempts to characterize the nature of reality". Lakoff wrote a rebuttal to the review stating that his position on many matters is the exact reverse of what Pinker attributes to him. Lakoff explicitly rejected, for example, the cognitive relativism and faith in euphemism described above, arguing in favor of a deeper understanding of rationality that discards the modal logic conceptualization of rationality in favor of the better supported framingconceptualization.

Steve Fly 33.

The John Sinclair Foundation - Indiegogo Campaign.

Steve Fly 33.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Post Digital Daydream (For John Trudell)

post digital daydream (for John Trudell)

I pulled these words into chunks last night, today i intended to post them, but paused after hearing that the great activist poet John Trudell had passed. On second thoughts i should post these chunks as is, mistakes and all, and dedicate them to John. Peace.

remote like far away
or under control
a human eye
foreground back

skynet caught moon
with the hand
firefly glow

glass marble yellow
rockpool potted squid
post digi
stuffed wheat ego

wear he go
into pavement
grey lid dustbins
wet steel blue electric
faded digital prints

the crash the war
the crash the war
and over until value
depleted in the minds of
the people
perhaps zen will catch on?

more than boring
horrific to my mind
the masses blood lust
the chicken hawks and
pro killers in remote hawks
made boring by firegusting
new media

reducing war to a fight
for a games system
a memes system console
viral flash bang know how
is king
for today
king needs consoling

tomorrow the
toffee banana squid
returns to dazzle tank to
wowwow those projections
in your pink face

sweets glazed soft cracked
azure tango blackcurrent
dancing in airspace
airstrikes of colour

rainbow boom bop
over the top sherbert
with lemon grind
pouring out gun barrels

cheescake sauce
dripping from missile cases
oozing like lava into hungry
mouths of suited hoglizards
licking cold white metal
shells with their fat
pink tongues

tanks full of strawberry
jam explode
pushing soldiers out the hatch
laughing as they land with a soft
rolled jammy jacket of strawberry
lamb cushion

bullets: stop the metal
start sponge bullets
gel in turquoize
see-through layers
in between look

waterfall of digital empires
business driven into the floor
outlived over and over
which tribe do you choose today
collective maddness

spreading viral shadows
empty just after reading
gone like a thief in the night
someday found
drowned in the torrent
a washed up novelty
again giant

handgranades full of petals
rockets made from marshmallow
bullets of flompystuff
tough to sweeten the killings
in the name of mad profits
spongecake headed politicians?

for arms tradespeople
those who profit from wars
bombing killing and pain
parasites and the leading
urnaium tipped

edge of modern
"go get them contracts boys
suck a cock
do not question me
we need a new war
every week you scumbags"

lights dim with thought darkly
cloud and lightning
tongues snap like snakes
poison darts fly
curses black magic and
prayer congeal

metal and explosives
fling apart things that rip
flesh and bone no
discretion of age sex race
social status
killing kills all in vicinity

land mine your own mind
step on a bomb and blow
your stupid fucking brain
to smithereens
bits and bytes in synapses
beyond words and pictures
the pain
to explain the game again and again

seeing the planet
whole agiain like
holiday postcard images
always and without concrete
steel and glass cities
beyond the digital castle door
into the crypt
into the crypt
under the floor

see through the mess we made
and out the surf tunnel
full of waste
grasping plastic tesco bags

cola cans and mcdonals litter
out the surf
grasping for the sun
flying out again post

fully knietworked and
unique and trained for change
constant one and only
after 2030

survival and innovation
ability to share pathways
calm with improbability
heal by using awe of possibility
room for a thousand
narrative voices

to negotiate an agreement
obviously beneficial
to all parties
food clothing shelter
seat in global
local super nature kids

the scene goes black grey
cold water on gunmetal
street lights bounce from glasses
to gun briefcase car and keyring
keen blue laser beams shoot
camera pans backwards

the cityscape loud with sirens
fire in the sky
rats in the street teeth white
boots polished snapping
arms and legs of homeless folk

and up higher into the sky
we see small missiles
leave an arch in the cold air
off toward the middle east
we follow the bomb

like a chanpange cork
the missile charges high
above europe
christmissile time
the target tracked by
drones built nearby

by university graduates who
love skrillex
locked into jinglehellfire
reins down on the rooftops
thousands immediately
die of incineration
thousands more blown

sights once viewed
non erasable
human waste
wasted by some sick
trick shop of horrors

who makes this made up stuff up
and do real killing stuff
the propagandist puppet
front mask moment has come
acrillic figa ink on the run

statues made from body parts
in bronze gold and silver
real portrale of casualties
at the public expense

now birds of paradise
burst from their crafted ears
in slow motion
flapping against the dying sunlight

each bird
exhibits beauty of feather
eye beak and breast
a quality-street box of disco
feather colours

not a joke but a
disruption of the
plain old
truth illusions

angry men and fussy women
in support of a war machine
fueled by hatred
misguided weapons
to bomb sanity
to pieces
man machine mind
war-headed bastards

after thousands of years
of fighting
many still remain
locked in violent battle
Godfather and Mario

revenge over again
retribution and
inability to figure out
another way

the scicilian ways
like the last wild panda bear
fighting to the death
over bamboo shoots
and chess

and Dyonysis
networked with natures' god
plugged into

to hum a lullaby
we all need to hear that
calling calling cali

a call to imagination
unity city to city
camp to camp
shoulder shoulder
joining arms
inspire with tales to
tell again

the dog that
saved a baby girl from fire
a horse that caught
a falling princess
the bee that stung a
kings nose

dawn nears
lights flicker the webticms over
splutters a hurricane of
ads spy operations and
brainwashing gear
any heads left are tuned out

inner-space where
neuro engineers coagulate
for the rights to remain

maybelogic genes
memes and equations
tricky with such unpredictable
dot dot dot

here lies the
illusion of some truth
seeping from a gas grenade
consciousness like
chasing willow the whisp

a village gone
now virtual existence only
in camera footage of destruction
blown apart into pieces
meaning mangled

among the dead bodies
the ancestors crawl too
in dingy caves on hands and knees
just to catch a rat to feed
a dying mother and father
a dying culture awaits on

the otherside of the glazed red
mountain five days treck
back with only a few
rats and some dog meat

the camera cuts to a family
huddled in a cave
smoke in the distance signals
the death cult is close

death cult in the air
on the ground and in the water
death cult the destroyer of
worlds the ultra mangler of meaning
missguded vile masters
of war

may you rot with the
bodies of your victims
the share holders and super rich
wealthy war sports personalities
and hench men
those who forget to teach
the way it used to be
and what we can do to claim
something back
not least culture
here we stand
at the end of digital
rot and roll

fly agaric 23
a name to signify
a species of fungus
beneath a tree in 2023

revision of timewave zero
end of moores law again
end of silicon based chips
end of 3D and parallel fish-tech
post digital wasteland

what you thought
fungus grow on deathbeds
signifying the shitty cycle

fuck your war
fuck our war
fuck my war
fuck the war

warships sail toward
each other shooting
hand painted
greetings in socks

missiles hurtle toward
local islands droping
seeds and nutrients to help
stabalize any inbalance
due to previous mishandling

2015 years too late
human violence to each other
must decompose like
funghi all around

barbacued fast
on your plate
does it trouble you to
watch all friends and family
die slowly

to turn the imagination
sideways on mass killings
compared to doctors
killing patients with wrong
prescriptions drugs
the terrorists are
your best mates but
statistics always were a

the drama and cop gun
kung fu of terror pricks
plots foiled and deployed
on screen or in street
bang boom of it
the drama rules
of the rough knuckleheaded
grey seas of popular
unquestioning sleeping dicks

nightmare of history
over a-fucking-gain
are you kidding me
inside my head are you
serious again fuck me

here in this writing
to capture reader
with a stagnant ballbag of
outmoded blog

no image or gif
flipping past
skim the fat
the fact floats or sinks
shake em' out now

half caught in a TV show
half conversation
not all fully here but
somewhat outside
waking life

floating about social
media messages
recalled in mind
imaginary responses to
half remembered
broken paragraphs

splintered glasses and
icicle shards in purple wax
honey mead and feathers
fusion earth blue to
heart red the beat
blast of comfort my hand

pulse of nobody
a strangers rhythm
7 billion strong kidd
pull down the digital
curtains of thy vanity
soil and water
leaf and flower pull through
dreamers tarmac road
cone perception now

white and orange cones
misdirect mind missiles
in the wrong directions
strike back

with violent force
"teach them lesson
they will never forget"
scorpion thinks

fighting without fighting
overlooked too advanced
over the lumphead of a lumphead

the cold war game of
military build up
to feed the financiers and
backers over and over
and over again
too complicated for X-Factor goons

when will they ever learn
when shall we rise up
when will i stop writing this shit

old stones
berries brews and
starlight twinkle dazzle
crinkle of fern
frosted hands cup the juice
no word scripture or orders
follow the inner path

back to claymo worlds
back to imagine
trained to give benefit of doubt
yet going further
the joke
the fucking joke

to stay cheerful
grateful and think up
funny stuff is a weapon
without boundaries

like a suicide bomber
without explosives
but vegan sausages strapped
around his chest

a rucksack full of
baps and
boom 72 vegan delights
flipped script like a

crass to some
slightly amusing to others
a tiny nuke hidden
up David Cameron's asshole
going off

blood shit
and tory guts gushing
need an army of pool
attendants to clean this mess
after they speak
the vomit of war
fill oceans

to pretend to not see
the bait of the shootings
and timing of the escalation
like a hooded man
driving a nuclear submarine
into a city dock at full speed
shit's seriously
outof control

as i was saying
can be a good thing
23 percent chaos
enough to play with
remain sane and
questioning and
willing to always accept
new data

like a scientist
unphased by the giant dickheads
crunch of hitech corporations
they will crumble into
nano dustweiners
when the dusk settles

metals and
vegetables are naturally
abundant and will abide
the boredom sets in
and the majority using
innovation and quick
feedback response
may begin to take back
the crappy crown

let me begin

Steve Fly 33.