Thursday, May 7, 2020

Track Trace Isolate Reunify

Track Trace Isolate Reunify 

Track trace isolate the lies
And the heroic actions
Punish and reward
Forgive yet hold scrutiny, word

The historical record is scratched
It skips on track covid-19
The stylus catches dust
The words muffled and lost, by
Erring and bluster and proven lies
Why is this on the historical record, what ties?
What of world statistics and number of deaths
How many beds, how many breaths
Can the economy take
Dig your own grave, cremate your own flake?

Who can say they will still vote Tory
After the Covid shitshow and facts so damn gory
You can’t catch the blitz like you can’t catch the glory
If you love Boris and Dom Cummings what’s your story
How come Britain’s first in the death toll index with thirst
to be top of the pops your clogs
And what happened to Jacob Rees Mogg
You’d be better off asking a log.

Track trace isolate tools
Chase those down who lie and act as mules
For increasing panic with sick eugenic
“Kill the pensioners, make a killing” that’s Cummings
Johnson’s chief advisor keeps you stupid with dumbings
Sets news circus for the Covid clown
Let us scrutinize authority don’t let the critic drown
In NHS trusts and private interests
Get stuck in for the win for your kin

Ask hard questions and demand true answers
Especially from those who killed more people than cancers

We need data enhancers, clear thinkers and talkers
Who put aside political difference to walk us, through it
Not some buffoon full of pomp and bluster
Wind and gas and bullingdumb chat out his ass
How can you support Boris
Knowing Dom preys in that blonde forest?

We must track trace and isolate the source
Of our thoughts, where do they go, and that one?
How to unentangle ourselves from our thoughts of others?
Track trace isolate reunify Buddhas.

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