Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What You Say?

What you say - breath to the…
Breath to the head, to the heart to the line
Breath to syllable indelible time
Breath to the heart
Breath to the head
Breath to the line
Breath to the tongue
Breath to the mind
Mind to the line to the breath to the Syllable
Breath to the neck to the name indelible

Mind to the breath to the mouth to the bad bull
Line to the heart to the brain to the winabble
Eye to the line to the sight to the mind
To the Sound to the heart to light to the blind

What What
What they say
What you say what they say what what what
What they say
What dem say mi say dem say what What
Whatta-man say
Whatta-man say you say mi say, what What

What she say
He say you say they say me say what
What whatta they say,
What he say what you say hey what What,
What she say
what you say what they say he say what what

What they say
He say you say they say me say, what
what what you say,
you say what what what they say?
Math to the mind to the time to the rhyme graph
rap crime fake frog party gammonarti toff fuck off

Rockin’ on a house beat dribble over wack beat
Me sittin’ by the riverside warming up my cold feet
Happy feet, nappy feet, who’s street our street
Looking for the perfect beat, bass treat, very sweet
Bring the heat, make it neat, bad sinta santa claas
good Black Jack Pete

I rhyme it, and lime it, sublime it and climb it
A crime it, like climate, bringing the heat.
Arriving on my boat with a mic and a beat
Burning up tradition as I’m scolding your feet
I complete the first heat to a race in your street
under the sheet I smell sheet and stink your whole fleet

Putting Santa Claus on pause, playing records with claws
I get all the applause and I’m laughin’ at yours, lick my balls
and this is my beat, kiddin’ this is ego trippin’ playing tickles on
your feet, smelly meat, fuckin Johnson deceit, hid in a fridge
bull Etonian elite.

Breath to the line to mind crime scene
Obscene, what I’m seeing, you saying they paying
I bring advance to the dance floor, the chance to bust dunce wall
spin it and spit war porn, Tory war Trump bore,
hardcore uproar to mean Wilson at core, cursin’
I met him person, we shared a few versin’
And I dedicate this version excursion to the legion of dynamic

Kill your darlings, fly high like starlings, swim like marlins
And I play in a band yo’
So let's go, free flow, undertow,
meaning though, medical, Mariwo, yes yo, bless yo’
I smoke for recreation, a patient, pot nation
I used spit rhymes at the local gas station,
it was a crass lesson, mess legend’ frustration

I bring heat to the church state cross paradox,
hellsgate watergate, I bring it to the boss,
In between the teeth like metal dental floss,
your mental dross, Is a bucket of horse piss,
urine luck, better buckle up huck quick

Stir...in, My breath starts whirrlin, my words turning, the world’s learnin
I hope,
mc’s are burning, fire and smoke churnin’ rope
Fat cat banker cunts earnin’ while the kids be starvin’ help!

Yes all the, kidds they be rappin’ ,
Mums they be clappin’,
Dad’s they be jerkin’
Man, the whole damn families twerkin, its bezerkin.

Let the fat yeti sing, it don’t mean a thing,
if you don’t smoke that ting and If you don’t kiss the ring
but kiss the dope’ dope and burn the pope pope,
smoke the pipe hype and type the right type
Tonight fight, for the freedom to say say…
What what what
What you want, how you want, where you want anyway either say
explore P.C wit’ me?
Bend your fender agenda, 23 see see

A quick ABC 1,2,3-4, hit it
The byte I bit hit, 1,2,3-4 I spit it
Nazi necks slittin
Through your Tory letterbox beating
Protectin’ great britain from the ukip villain

Race traitor, Tory baiter, what’s the mutter, see you later
I’m gone off like Gorbachov
Spicy like Novichock, chuck patriots off the rock, suck my cock
on your block, in your head, here to mock
Your sad life, jizzin’ in a Boris gym sock,
Motherfucker that ain’t hip hop
You have no delivery, just Uber

I bring the livingry,
You only killingry, scooby dooba
I’m angry and handy when the spirit doth command me
Never been on TV, Never sold a CD
I Don’t do UK democracy
It’s a war game to me
A blood sport, a rouse, a mystery with no clue

It leads to news when you lose to the snooze
Make it new, make it fine and delicious
The silence of right wing raps to me is suspicious
On the left, the venom is vicious like Sid, alive, acrid acid
I cover spam with a lid, and in your garden I hid’
Until you went to bed, I broke in and wrote on your head
white boy dreamtime is over, get up bald white said right wing Fred
to call it and I call out for all out war, fuckin’ pussies,
War on wankers who make war on the poor poor

This mouthful of air is full of language as class warfare
Black pudding in your pork chops twat Cameron debonair
You vote Tory, let me tell a story
Like jackenory, white men in a hurry furry

A stolen lorry, a hot curry, he lie funny but not funny now
I try sonny, I write dummy, my flows runny, like shroom honey blue buddy
You call wars on hoodies, leave cities of bloody bodies
Fuck your austerity, war on Gypsies and boozed-up courage.

This voice is my choice and my ice and my flies
And my eyes and your thighs and his ties to your lies
And dem’ guys get downsize, the upside shut up fly
Shut out fly, get out fly, walk fly and talk fly
And briefly beneath me the horsefly in morse code
Said Buffotanine toad, dig, draw, sculpt your own road
So, I made up a torso, the body Greg Corso, of course yo’
Recorso recorsi, recorso, comes back see, recycle the Michael Phone?

Recycle the mic ’into stallactite. Hold it tight, every night, lift the great ball of light
Gotta’ write to get it wrong, every bar, every song
Every spliff, every bong, is a gift on my tongue, how can rhyme be wrong?

Spittin bars on a trip to Mars, with Elon
My X just hit the ceiling, how you feeling
This letter I’m sealing is not deceiving,
my names steven, I’m just even Rat, weaving that

Hit you with some sick, flying like a bat
Bust a gobby shyte, in a silly hat
What you tryna’ say, who you flying to Bee
l Never heard of you cuz’ you never buzzed with me
I’d say it to your face, and wipe you on the floor
Hang you off the lampost, nail you to the door
What a silly prick, what a fuckin’ dick
Walking down the street, with a fuckin’ stick
What’s with the racist look, with them tied up shoe laces chuck?
Trading places, I gotta’ face this, baseless, spaceless, spineless,
timeless, rhymeless crime that’s

Spreading like white plague all over the place
Motherzuckers make decisions based on our face, book
book, burn the whole place down
Give me the ammunition I’ll be the clown,
zuck’ you wally
Get off your trolley
Scored a winning goal with this volley
You lot are way too serious and need some molly
Sold out over the hill conservative double crossing arseholes?
Please chew on the morsels.

--Fly Out. December 19th, 2019. (Edited from an earlier rant)


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