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WORLD P.S. CHAPTER 21. Rudopamine Reindeer

Chapter XXI.
"You can play a shoestring if you're sincere." --John Coltrane
Dyslexiconspiritor with a raging fire in the right side of ma' heed. Nose like Rue-Dolphine. Don't fear. Trippin Vedic Mice lace step - Cannabis type psychosis? eh. see our historys back! Clarity of lightning Eye, struck off. Snap! High Noon illuminates middle daughter of Southern Fires, Mid summer fires and a fully conscious Moon observe us. All times-pace. Love supreme! She loves me, Luna. She watches with admiration through the city blocks and church spires. Fragmented and skitz'a'phrenic and more than the son of my parts. Obscured by city scape. No escaping the m❍❍n though. No escape. The M❍❍n on your pajamas and the stars in yr/ eyes. Your hair as spider silk, hands dark spanish. in mynd seas scroll in waves above your bruin eyebrows. Packets of Moon rays. Moon polisher. M❍❍n flower. M❍❍n river. M❍❍n rising. Moon revolution. How high. Brazen copper scrolls unravel from my lectern hemisphere like maple blinds. Amanita tsogyouth rewound from beyond wine-time back to the Soul vine Seep Tepi. 2920 days to go till element zero? All perception maybe-gamble from flies gumble rainbow dribble. Suck coke Mcloon. Organic sugar Co. Late Sun and the stream and the hills; the beauty thrills. Mold Web deW eyes grow dim and moist with tears. Scrambled spellz apprehended enligheningment. Snap out of it.

Cymboltaneous awakening. Spelling t r o u b l e for images. Shd/ seals be made of Gold plastic or fungus? Musikarena Fungus without the Detail. Stuck in brandywine tyme. New Flesh breeder. Eye yam vine trunk Stunk and disorderly method covered from foot to mouth with vine must. Ready break kids. Eye twisted twisted vine trunk pissed and zonkers, eyes color of chestnut conkers. The months and years how they pile up like L.P's. i toss and turn Unable to sleep this diced evening. Stylus chisel-Brush sword.

Disks, Seals, shields. Cups, drums, speakers. Wand, Microphone, pen. Quillcrayonpen's and pencil-aerosol weapons drawn. Floating and no target in mind. i dream of being a Chinese written icon. Again woids fail me. Now combine plump currants with remaining wyld fruits and the Nuts in a large womb-owl. Adjust neurological camera lens into refocus. Sift together dry ingredients and add to fruit mixture. Channel the galactating spore cluster. Add acrillic, bread and agricider, brown stones, blue eggs to introduce another spicetyme flavawoid to little Higgs. Jamjellyjam and blend well. Sterile hands or a wooden spoon to combine the batter till sticky and heavy like pan's sperm. Disperse throughout Galactic Fungal acrchive.

Moist to touch like a Bufo ToΔd or earth worm. Cooking i become concerned about the layers of abstraction that can separate People from their own perceptions. Too much pepper-cokes or mushroom sauce. X-women must look after jamselves. One women two women three, five, eight, thirteen. innumerable women each like a flour. Watch my overcoat! God maybee dead conspiracy. Eh? Creamy woolly jumper and a caramel-hair jacket remain to provide an inkling of HER form. Celebration act of Destruction. Coke sucks. Listen! The Bulbous bass and fragmented Vulva appear broad and membranous. Apple-white Sun light and human eyes make a Golden apple fleece. FlΞΞce lightening. God Sheepheed. Flea flash flow. Aceed. Tick-Toxicorange juices are Strained, condensed and distilled. Apollo's Flowing gold messages like Sonny. Spasm war of woids. World piss: Luciditea in the sky with dyedMoons. Fly tunes. Paint your bee leaf. Undercoat it. Let yourself amble.

Heavy Copper Sun sets scroll on, grass-hopping days. Criss and Buffato-nine, Bufo Bufo. Why if UFO's project themselves as being so smart and advanced then following this line of thought why don't they bring food and computers for us in the night? Grey Bummers. Mountain shadow light-casting a crown upon lake placid. Meanwhile. Placid. Placid. When king finished with my mind. Feels nice to be friends with a bright rock sitting under the sun by the rushing rivers. On a roll of reelness, wrapped up in a recipie for divine muddiness. Goodness gracious and godless me. Dada. Stubborn dawn stillness sitting still inside northeast hand of Youngest son. Calendribble pages flip fast. Be Calm, be fun like calypso. Be tranquil as a Mountain. immobile. Ambient. Ever-changing. God maybe dead mabe doG. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun. News-peak was designed not to extend but to Diminish the range of thought. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MiND iT iS REALiTY THAT'S MALFUNCTiONiNG.

What we sear never resides in what we say. Wuff wuff. AcaDilaq liquor paint. Birth a new woid. its born. Return/Enter. Sun and Moon have their own problems. Galaxies of stars have their problems among them. As above so be flow. Pour bitter tears into your final years. Cry me a River. Laugh me a lake. Swim over mountain mist. Watch Vynes shooting from your Fingers. Like snakes. Redblew smudge on the cloud canvas. Geomancy morning as a rubix snake. Born of water and spirit wyld. CosMicrophilm serpent teenager. Sweating out darkness on a dance-floor. No a massive field. Dance by Moon light. Spiritually incoherent by Moon shadow. Put the kettle on orchid this BREWS gonna be a lung lost knight of the soul searchers, down deep in the blue sheets with the sea URCHIN's, where the whale sleeps tonight. OOOUUUUUIIIIII. Keep casting tie-dyed maggots; Fly-Fisherman baits the ocean mind shut!. Open. Wyde. Shut. Open again. A natural response-ability.

Lo saturnalia, Drink new flesh, news flash equiknocking em back with kwantum mechanix. Fliegenschwamm through Mukhomor. Flowing on about many moments A drunken bard pist somber, past sumert, felt like Tao-mouche Amen EAT!. Born from nothing, just woids into La picene. Dark mother Earth: early autumn. Δtummy full. Mummiflied earth nourishing dark belly of night. Δrise. Receptive southwestern mother motherplant. Weak yielding and democratic mother. Dharmadollar ghosts. Holy dung holy graal leg Ξnds grow sovereignty. To brew Tea. Sacred ceremony. Rise you fruiting bodies. Great Eastern Sun saves and radiates. All perception as gambowl mixed and matched inside our skull, inside and outside our wombowl. And under the almond-trees, goods. Lo! lands of Cyberia, Siberia and Peteurasia praise yah. Persian Haoma plus ➄ indole Eztheotextz plus Chinese written characters plus pranayama, may equal "stoned" perception. Koncrete mixture. My features are of a particular sacrement considered in full detail. mind control.
"All subjects may be looked at from (two points of view),-- from that and from this. -- Chuang Tzu
My talespace, with no properties omitted or isolated. Just brewing, stewing and highly perculated. Yes Mates. Superfly pollen. 7 and 1/2 teaspoons of ground Zero. 2.3 Pound$ of fresh High' Muscaria. Poetry maybe explosive. 10 cups of dark brown sugar sweetness. 30 large blue eggs, beaten with rhythmajik. 3 cups of midnight-currant JAM's. iii. Keeping a sterile tool kit Spoon batter into prepared molds. Listen to womben-kind and her cymbowls. Place moldy Poldy molds in large roasting puns, fill em with boiling water roughly halfway up molds. Cover molds and rusting pan with illuminatimum foil and steam in oven at 451 Degrees Fahrenheit for 5 to 6 hours, adding more boiling water as necessary to keep the water level up up up. Keep up your spirits. Mid morning thighs gradually unwrap themselves from early summer. Gently penetrating eldest Draught with simple southeastern woodwind. Musicmarine-ibotenic acidjazz-artagonist. Past deep within the heart of Jungleheart.

Loud dubbleDub-plate vinyl slang, pest. Prose logik Recipe-map plus puzzle plus song carved into the runoff matri [X]. Christereoscopic Recipe for drunkenness. holy dung holy Grail. Bless your fruiting bodies and bless your little whippled Liberty Caps. Cyber-crime, Cybernetics and missunderstanding. Media playing dumb on Cyber crime. Military Industrial Expansion without restrictiction Cyber crime Electronic Voting Crime's No Rhymes from Government Stick men, They Talk of a Minster of Cybercrime.↵

Splicing and dicing insects with human genomes. Drinking Cronenburg i ask myself: witch human and witch Fly. Now spliced in 08. 4 more years. 4 more years. Am i just a brundle of flapping tropes, a drifting point floating in a pint? An area of divine ambiguity? Breakfast spun on a Gold threaded platter for Saturnalia with a bit of luck, Kung-Fu tea and blueberry muffins too. Huygens probe separates Cassini Orbiter and begins her 21 day trip to Titan 2004. Stop that NASATY train, i wanna get on them grooves. Take the pea vine special outta this place man. Erect beneath Rusty hoodz, Single cream foot. Concentrickrings tone static; Summer citrus smelted with mandarin rind, invisible landsCap e paintings with huge Crayons; a chiezeland Aspen summert with white wartsperm. Son of the stars, Sun of the lie. Somebody's manipulating things in a way that i don’t like.

They tale a Santa Claus festpiracy. Acrillick polyspores Red White and blew and quing, Skiing in red and blue clobber drinking cold beer = intoxicated Jesuspect.Place the Stylus needle into the f-ring groove, Wash your hands, Take a fresh shroom and gently twist the Cap off. Place the Cap gills down on a sterile card or glass platter, cover the card with a clean container, Leave overnight! Fold the Christmas card in the morning and keep airtight Ziplock, good luck and happy saturnalia, Sporeprints remain good for a year, airtight! Headz or Tales from the blackcountry? Strange fruits sing me into being, Tripping "balls" hopping the Bardo, brambles, cut legs and silly falls, to write it all out, toxic streams and rambullling Wusstershear sauce. Come on mix it up into a pea soup. A shitshape shifter n’ spirit lifter. Check out my Silver scales, the ocean and the big mountain↕

Look beneath Birch trees on the hills, my color spills from Left brain to right brain; Foreground to background and Through black & white textual message intercourse knot. Background remains murky. My foreground pixylated black text. Look! in the beginning was the Word / i m a g e was made Flesh / i m a g e in all the people. Argacider eyelashes are quills painting Flaming flamingo squirrels, Paisley winged griffins, they pour Bright love juice allover marmalade skies. My secret longings cannot be sketched. Were trapped in linguistic constraints. Henry Ki$$inger just one of my noble complaints. The Old boys Drunk in June 1974 €$tablished the pissing "U$-Saudi Arabian joint commi$$ion on €conomic Cooperation" One year later OPEC blesses the dollar with her oily lubricated monster cock. Some-bodies getting into business, 30 years later the boyz-gone-wyld in iraqkissstan.

Now look what you've gone and made me do. Wearing blood stained pajamas as she comes with Rusty nails driven through her hands, paxxion of the busy X-Flamingo. Thundering loudspeakers; ragasaga jungle; LOUD over spandangled Bandanners. White sea sprayed aerosol cloud formation. All fluff, electric Glasstunaberry salad. Maroon acid rain enlighteningment. Cannibals of €urope are eating their litter. Umbonata vinata volvato nivalis. Pantherina cokeri Cap ensis esculenta. Hemibapha frostiana excelsa aestivalis. Phalloides rubescens velosa vaginata. Nu wyne flowing from all quarters. Hung to dry in Sun. And drawn by hand in A kind of blue kind of stained bluack inky Velvet well. Text kultures read themselves into insanity. Alphabet, you bad bad boy. Eye'm vine trunk pissed and zonkers, Since Leary sailors heard wasson tales and acrillocycles about Shroomz and ocean journeys 20'000 leagues ago, the godz Re:animated through flesh and Flash-tech. Angles in handsets. Azum Cloudead bardo written bold in the snow covered backgroundback and furthur.

World Pissing very loud Heavy-mental tin-flash of Flying grasshopper razzle dazzle, Newclear subbass consciousconscious. MuMu, it’s either Ωppenheimer or Wasson, so choose your cloud-plough now. Both/and may not be an option in this case. in 1947 Muhammad Adh-Dhib had lost a goat and then found some Brazen copper salmon scrolls in a cave. i say a prayer for the Arab Shebard. "Praise-the-Lord n’ pass the semantex, and we'll all, Stay, Free." Eye throwup lies and thought embers remain indifferent to riches, Power and influence and steal in the Hope that others will steal me book. Nanosecondcoming. Officers may apprehend us at the crossroads with luck. Derrrrunk on cat-pee. Yeah great to be derrrunk, the world looks so Pratty, and i don't stop. Because i know nothing. Look around and spot the snarks.

Mycelium Audio Network. M.A.N. Fly Agaric Media Enterprise or F.A.M.E. My Teary ego scripture. Throwinemage over your aluminum rimmed black leather Chair. Ergo; Wassoni-Morgan$tein-Eztheogen-Du✟ch-Dollar $language. Tired yet? Somebody's getting into business, look, relax, make a drink. Comeback next week to me. Kick of your shoes and just roll over laffin. ₩ar is over. All over ISIS. All wee are saying really, i think, seems best condensed into the popular magical sentence--give piss a chance--Mychorrhizic relationships with other funguys and gills bonded. Bound to happen. Soiled with sex power. Symbol-isis maybe ecology, new future economy, ecology based on deterioration, degrade, go-away quickly, but always come back again re-made. 2008 Easter resurrection all year. Neginterest composting email for egg-sample. Beat it. Hemp script

Re:formation. Tell your family, friends and any silly looking heads of YOUR nation. Sporeprints the size of a nickel caninoculate a dozen jars with Copper colored mushr❍❍m Scraipture. Cheers! iV. Remove molds from roasting pans and uncover your Jesus puddings. Pour 1/2 cup of Eztheogen oil or Yoga over each one and re-cover with a circle of waxed paper and a fresh piece of moistened parchment paper. Secure with a rubber band and a piece of hemp string. Set molds in a cool place to ripen and contemplate for 1 month. Salmonea onusta jacksonii ovoidea. Protecta umbrina pubescens sychnopyramis. spissa spreta ristichii. Strangulata virosa muscaria wellsii virgineoides.

Allow the pressure cooker to cool before opening. Mono-horned single footed walking penis from venus with a colony on Mars Davis. A silver surfing web on a wooden log fell'd from a rotting Birch tree. With salted eyes i spies a space-city through the jungle lozenge, steel and glass and concrete riseup from the mulch like beasts from a primordial ooze, like bastards, fatherless structures. Supermarket Lights blazing 24-7, and a low hum hum of the delivery trucks. Pre-cooked, pre packaged foods, yum. From the ocean to the car park to the nuclear-power stations that power nations. Any to many Species integrations, language fluctuations, limited by the harsh metallic environments of urban life.

“That Shananigums Wave is a dream is one commonplace; so who is dreaming, an answer maybe the book itself” –- Terence Hughs McKenner.

8.30 A.M. 11:10:99. Seven of us were round Cameron's house. having what his mom called a block party when she stormed in. To be fair we were mostly chatting but smoking grass, granted. My farther calls to tell me that somebody has arrived outside to take me for a ride. Ken Kessy greets me at my own front door. He leads me into a customized yellow lotus sports car and we drive up the winding road parking at the top of my street, Ken pulls out a map and asks for Ladywood? it was not the Ladywood i knew on the map, but another Ladywood--a tunnel--or something else completely. People begin to gather around the car starring and talking about me and Ken. i get out and sprint back home. As i get to my house i notice Noel G. and Paul Weller sitting in John's garden opposite my parents house sipping beers and idly chatting. Nobody i tell seemed impressed or interested when i retold this fantastic story.

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