Friday, July 17, 2015

In Banks We Trust - Stourbridge October 2008


Doors Freestyle Splurgeon

racism like an infection

slowly infecting the host

the language user turned

naive realist

since Plato and Aristotle

the language virus infecting

the domesticated primates

to be or not to



lies of nations states and

genetic family chauvinists

the great conceit

the big fuckup and shitter

the ability to define the difference

and the sameness with

equal truth

a product of the environment

and a product of genetic heritage

both forever tangled and swaying

like a pendulum

so racists for starters are sure

racists are cock sure they are right

about the prejudice they hold

solid and unchanging perception

unable to update their system

stuck in outdated modes of thinking

racists are static

stuck in a closed loop of

self centered wrongness

wrong due to the fact humans are defined

by the ability to suspend judgement

all the fucking "ists"

you dig my drift? eh?

the fucking "ists" those who

invoke hate on some group

defined with the "ists" sufix

or for that matter define any

group good or bad with the general

group-think catch

the trouble starts with the word

nouns and humans do not mix well

or mix very well at all at all

it starts with the words

before the words we are trouble free

no label to carry preconditons

no pre-judgement but moment

to moment feedback based on


the racist likes a tidy box

a neat and fitting system and idea

a foundation for group think

to justify itself

a bed of blatent false pretenses

a good place for the meat head to roll

break out of the linguistic

prison that you guard yourself

find the key to doubt

the key to doubt turned left

opens new doorways and paths


racists and most "ists" seem thick

thick and stuck in the mud of hate

self centered ignorance and without

a creative pulse left flowing

all knocked into shape by authority

delusions of the sovereign


language is a virus from

outer space Burroughs said

and racism can infect slowly

through words then deeds

in league with greed

group think and generalized

prejudice on the up

thur. 17/07/15. The Doors. Amsterdam. 21:42

Steve Fly 33.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amsterdam Battavia Writs July 2015


human rights
robot wrongs
books burnt
rain comes
symbol traps
language shitstems

heart to mind it
body bliss dis-
the octopus on our back
octopus tentacles
poking and prodin'
our prejudices
the octopus rift
(Occulust Splift)


the music plays on
film and painting panting
too dimensional
but the word savaged and beat
butchered beyond

use the network nitwit
dont fight it
stop fighting now
chill your beans bro
spill your beans
in a semantic kitchen 
with extraordinary


cats make friends
with horses
dogs pigeons and elephants
animal tolerance
in the gene-expression
fearless and playful
butterfly backstroke
breastroke crawly creepy

open to new partnerships
cats burying shit in soil
pre programmed to
recycle waste with grace
four paws for pause
human uploaded vids are just
highlights and freakish odd fails
little did humans know
of cats nightails


viconian thunder
cloudburst boom
fathers voice
growing feint 
loss of force of that voice
at 40 years old

and the rain with wind
cycling tears i imagine
every natural metaphor 
now reflects the sorrow of man
war profit greed
machine mandness



to say no
but to revise often
resist temptation
each breath a battle
to contain all this
are you content

all this dear 
reader all the time all
the clocks and calendars
at once
how do we know for sure



we all have a right 
to natural abundance:
that which grows and reproduces 
on earth
for all living things

none should have to
beg for what abundantly grows
freely across the planet
natural abundance
berries fruits of all sorts
woodlands and rivers
the sun moon stars
caves and shelter grating weather
at the least 


the fucking bounty
of all human achievement 
throughout the ages
our cultural inheritance

if you don't want
to share
but please do not force 
the entire fucking planet
to obey your
rules of restricted access
to naturally


poems in glasses
on floors or in the air
what might have been
the mist in what must
error of judgement
mind cemented
to a plasma screen
the scream
frozen mouth agape

the comprehensive guide
to the incomprehensible
my dribble space blabble
swimming skin beater
from blackcurrentcountry


in faces and 
lifted voices
here spliced with
literary devices
damsterhome for now
'international' he sighed

the blues exploded
the bulb exploded too
shards and filament
flew in all directions
time slowed like a spinning

the percussion of collision
played loud in the corner stone
a pattern in flux 
darkness crept in
like a cia agent
paranoia eats at guilt
art ink blood and dreams
washed in silt

--Steve Fly

Steve Fly 33.