Monday, November 16, 2015

Somebody Blew Up France

Somebody Blew Up France

Thoughts on the Paris Terror Attacks, inspired by Amiri Baraka. With luck, leading one to question.

"We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.”--Jean Baudrillard, Simulcra and Simulation.

...who would want such a thing

to start fires in a world ablaze?

revenge for the prez' bombing Syr!a, a bomber said

indiscriminate killing on the streets

in restaurants and music clubs

how low a blow can go

who snatch away freedom

who behead on daytime TV and recruit on twitter

who want to destroy multi-cultures


Is!s the TV god preach

some mad Arabs bent on 

suicide crack, they say

and who is !sis and why

revenge they say and

revenge...they say 

eye for an !sis and we all blinded, i echo

the horror of grenades and bullets of

who made them who trade them

who train them 


like an unpublished Le Carre' plot

and a cheap Hollywood shootem' shot 

strategic targets maximise the sick spectacle 

who run the ops

who trust the cops

who blew 'emselves up

who encouraged them

who benefits

who fits the profile?


who can man the forgiveness trench?

who pray for more bombs 

and risk killing more kids and mums?

who making doe off Iraq! o!l drums

who shake hands on TV and be war chums

who talk of a holy war

'God is being repaired, as CĂ©line said.

who knew the identity of the killers before they killed

who mopped up the blood that spilled

who get thrills from security dr!lls

who made the bomb threats early that day

who got pictures of bombers remains

who remains at large

who wants to keep your mind in chains

who wants to destabilise Europe

who wants to unite tribes and desovere!gn!ze

who seen terror with they're own eyes

who did it and who tell it in biggest lies

who be merciless in destroying the bogeyman

who killed B!n Laden who shot the gunman


who made the fake passport, who paid?

who sold the vehicle

who had meetings about Par!s attack in Par!s last week

who planned a secur!ty dr!ll for Friday 13th, eeeeek!

who design the flags?


who benefit at the climate talks

who think money walk and bullshit talk TV

who sold and who bought that theatre

who picked at the eagles of death metal

who picked the France Germany football match

who cancelled the election

who gets excited by death with an erection

who got caught with guns at the border

who make chaos, who unmake order


...the sound of an owl or vulture screaming

in my ear, in the dark night wind, it calls:

the all seeing security service

the political vulture capitalists

fanatical religious misleaders

all faithful unquestioning followers 

the gentle homeless in the streets 

the skint student, still, smoking weed

who the trouble with?

Assad Putin Cameron Hollande

 Obama Osbourne Osama

don't forget to tell your mama'


C!A Thor with his hammer

some mad ill god or dark lost demon

NATO MI5 Mossad  

mars, or whoever operate death stars

militant clergyman, the DGS!

who rules war rules?

will there be support for Le Pen? 

Isis Dulles Hoover and Hitler’s men

Cheney Rumsfeld Bush Blair Saddam

curses upon the spoilers of human decorum

But. Stop. Hold on man.

without forgiveness what on earth are these

mere words good for, um?

who profit from WW2

9/11 and 7/7 who who who

who wanna’ be starting WW3

not you i hope

and indeed not me


“This is what terrorism is occupied with as well: making real, palpable violence surface in opposition to the invisible violence of security.” ― Jean BaudrillardSimulacra and Simulation

(Dedicated to all the innocent victims of violent crime and psychological torture, perpetrated by trigger happy militias and invisible government killing machines, everywhere. Hat tip to the late great Amiri Baraka)

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