Friday, April 24, 2015

'ay muse'--toward a mayday poem for 2015

ay muse
sing into my ear
sing your song of spring
spin your harmony and
trans-love vibrations
along these lug-holes

pull me out from the
nightmare of white-mare
rich white male marriage
to the fake queeg liz'
and her diamond-trade carriage
off-shore operations with
war-goddess and thunderbolt
boyishness twinned
princes of darkness and
lords of war
kings of finance
and sons of whores

the bard on his pony
draped indras' net
eagle feather quill
and a pouch of blue honey
no money
no horse
no moustache
72 hares
60 bees
30 salmon
20 flies
12 spiders
8  toads
6  cats
5  mice
4  hounds
3  trout
2  Otters
1  Dolphin

ay great triple goddess
to me to me
sing a song in my ear
come near come close
whisper your tune
of sun moon earth and stars

to be continued.....

Steve Fly 33.