Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Shenanigums 2014 (pages 1-18)

Happy New Year! No year

some streams of
consciousness gathered in
December 2014 in

for your reading pleasure

steve fly

formented homey slow mead down the pagemelt
quilted quiver of quill shawl of wynwyrld bushfires
blairing lies burgundy rivers rushing aside the grassy
noel partly paisely swirl gull on wing swooping ease
grey socks in the ironing boardroom Mr Broomfield
guttering up the pithjackets and slogging the chops
to burrybrief cases and letter byguns buygums dums
return my flavours bellow amid tease pipes mydear
tearly praiseship sail face to schooner oarletter rode
rudderless toadstool fly foolish mosher mon rafter
hloppy neverafter baffleyawords worth shit to soil in
fragrent lies grown damp in dark of cabinet webbs
cackle of baboons in session with chickenhawks
wastemonster rising dumbp corpscracy limpited
bust of guns pills and drone eggs suspened in ice
laser light cutting cheese slices four chairs sprouts
gravy and here she sits Ms Zinkbossom cross table
willowink aroma fern mid name noel flowercupcake
pie to measure winks byday wet nights inside oven

to keep a center outside bubble sided fields
decentralies under straw cloth truths bruised
battered kowledge sucked dry by culture bizz
whizz in the coke shit in the pie jizz in big eye
brow high to split hairs aglove sockets keys
turnip in bud gyres furster cranking princes
and prices zup and away in a mangle bank
busted teeth and bost nose knee graze on
path to a retox currency book balance shits
flung far and whyd do it bare assed like that
testicle brain and heart reshuffled stuffed
down puppet neck industry no gaze nothing
ahead new Mr Dorn broken early now humpty
attemty cohere to break out of stale bones
like leaky marrow foaming from skeleton
of man stories in wyrldrnice timefree as
rivers going over land in brainterface flow

Kazzoogle play of augmented things nothings
phantoms in the cloud algae-riddims on wave
particle physics crashing sizzle cymbal darts
bellseye to basic buck to the classics sticks
float on by the sewer truck parked outside his
palace the place of Dr Tommy Musket inside
mindspace a shopping mall a wrestle within
desire machine always on want want wanker
wand of manifest wind of unknown wind wins
water same brain washing town white-chapel
wurstwinster looser scrap heap hung over
black suits ties logos empty headed smudge
oral decay and sleep drench a nation state
whore selling selling plane sailing jump ship
at first chance human tribe impervious like
non servium to authority to not obey deletes
choke state serial killer city killer oil seller
notes soggy harmony foggy day blighty in
america england dutchland AED / DEA (i)

rewrite the scripture with agaric tincture tape
spike the punch strip jack poker lunch room
broom between legs greased with fly eggs
kegs down legs open for tantra sequence
incubus streaks of bronze age haircuts far
fetched shaggydog bone zone plays beyond
fairness to fight squareness bragging fear
fractures manufactures lectures conjectures
on the ship in the rigging hanging out balls
fixed to legs for kicking canon spheres out
into space around the mouth under the tang
tighed up in oar rowing for home pumping
arms making waves cutting the waterwash
wydwhyldly rafting into uncharted territory
remapped in a mouth cape coast line tag
this rag-bag of flab from the gob this durber
cribs to dribble your scribble and put rapture
into flux mucka surprise to the eyes outside
the door inwards open  to you now over to...

budderella mandala in the biscuits flashing
ginger chocolate Dennis Wheaty charged up
to blow god sew what into why with wires
words solder on to full capacity feel the vibe
of resistence futile grout fixing eschericorso
to the wall soul of street meat marker bark
Clive driving Ms Lazy up the trees to budley
badly drawn guy says it all with pendulum
chains around neck laces undone tongue
out knees pressing calories down to sleep
running the sheep out of woolwhich ways
to ruin a field of shrimp poboy preparations
mutton and mint beef and mustard brains
and custard rains down the tshirt making
corned beef nipples stick out like buttons
not impressed but out there expressed and
quick release wheels spin off her ear bangs
new tangs and tasty wyldom wafts wonky
nose sucking up fracking lies by the cents
of state of mind divided lines crossed flip

bodylotion for peace time for pace mace for
facebrook leaks tweaks for twins trash for
bins weed for skins oats for scouts while Mr
Marble Archy chomps down on clown cake
brown fake poo for zoo keeper Montague
wish the hands wash the flute walk the path
out of that suit come to scoot along pogo
that song over the hill to be buried berried
and dressed in a beret quick to the jivechat
like brian ferret forget me knots all roped
up to pull Ms McHusky voice along nicely
small and micely creeping catalyst sound
ants in a mound actors in the round shroom
underground train station oasis root bottom
bangslangers ribbed with ripe written outs
biten in apple turing night today death cult
earth fractures fault nerve tinctures vault
from neuron to nude Ron Skullyvon volley
sun into one too dimensional shifty eyes
sore painting happen by accident waiting...

toadal frogspawmation from pond to lake
change starts in the pocket stars shine to
shed light weight and see the rooftips tap
topple shift point plane saw line sinkers
in these sneakers no soulclap or sealclip
walk like the cloppers past sunshine way
grasp the reys and raise the value views
kiss the lip balmy army and Ms Amy fire
walter plants writer plots and grow life
in pint pots or jugs full of jungle juices
splice of lyf to werdwylus heads half in
beds with roses and bulbs beamed out
wooden strut in forest cat walk dog talk
pigeon english to parrot dolphin speak
new word nox week next beak to knock
holes in weak hearted paywrites bend
rules for roles glasses for moles and so
babies for strolls stones for trolls and
tills for Bills deep burrows into the alps
avoid the void like tax sing back tracks
train the self like soof and soap the top
of the rope swing until bubbles cover
bables garbles from UK Mr Goebbles
reaching for gun on hearing of culture

try me pry me open like clams to flick
out the grams mothaflockaz slick as
war for oil slippery as dolphin skins
so back to the drawing pins to point
a noway fourword Lillylearycrowilson
flame changed to deflect innocent
burns night blisters and screaming
suchness where sources join forces
set keel to crashers sat nav courses
gallop pole horses voted last post
the past hooftweg nowhy dear son
discord neptune moon gems shake
in solar sister handbag boogie chilli
dog star cat flap hole so no meow
escapes so pass me the grape vine
whale hole between oceans deep
sea potions salted squid and flipps
pubmarine trips drunkunder water
diamond time hung drawn quartz

untrained potty mouth flipping birds
with the tongue say it alright wrong
out like them pants full of it look at
the stains and shit move when you
dance sounds like your gramar born
in france bombed with gamma rays
hence rodeoactive words to insult
the wound wind up the cranky like
cum on your dads hanky or a mum
that likes a spanky or a son with a
girlfriend called Mr Andy a daughter
so handy she handjobs any friendly
horny men born against Christians
muzzled muslims and subdued jews
tables salt on the crucifix nails like
killing snails the trails lead to your
cunting pale face forced to eat shit
from the boot of authority meat
she ate and spat genetic material in
her mums mouth turned Doug into
Stanhopeless with dirty tricks and
too many dicks starred in a number
of porn flicks licking shits and dangle
bits calling your name while fucking
without shame motherfuckers lame
no blame or scrupples on pantymime

brickabrack leaders knot stomachs in
moments notice entice lice and police
state tactictacs taste sour for the poor
sweet for the rich sketch a coastline
of Ms Queegzi wealth pave gold and
silver  johngoats to landsend sending
word injustice frozen assets hanging
from Baboon bum incesting business
bald robbery of resource then blame
immigrants for downturd economygod
the cheekstink of it audacity limits bust
greedspan bubbles and bonuses and
gangstergov insecurity measures all
with tax avoidence schemes and of
shore fuck off sir hidden hoard abroad
trillions held while hands cut of for
stealing a cabbage or something less
valuable than a human hand work
like a dog praise god obey gov look
away from wyndup merchant banks

pool of lyf breaks officer chalk
wairk the wallk toss the talc
breaks clerk cue ballzerk bert
playing pool since a lil' squirt
popcorner pocket popper
screwball banger to softouch
mangler 5 kush fanangular
far reaching shot gotter
spin flutter smooth action
milk silk and butter better
watch yer bitter whylya tap
tabletops six holes fucked
lined up bagged and shagged
next game to save the shame
shaving dry so try longer cue
rackem triangular snap the
breakbeat balls crackin' two
sackin' clear up and knock
the black in spots and stripes

gone just green cloth of loss
rechalk my cue no fuss whos
the boss of pooltables and
shotside fables gameplay
enable sameday namestay
flameway potter whackbang
whallop dollop more chalk
cutting middle baggers the
cheese knees steady aim
no rest longarm tactic whip
the white toptobottom screw
it again hard fuck them balls
gentle now roll em up stand
back dem balls be sinking
like holy ships rerackem lets
go get em 5 nil tale to tell

to straighten out truth with hot tongues
what rent wrong slang slung far officer
dribble latch one leg snatched other
peg of saintcave dave the bright stove
design champ chump until 20 plump
until plenty chimp toss his pong across
ponds playing rich boy james bonds
saving up crumbs to put feeling in
numbs bloods and muscle group the
crewcrest wardwishyres washermen
working kids learners earners some
ganja farmers hows yer farthers feel
genes spinning wheel where you
end up beginning to cry then die
others wince scream and sigh in
regret of not yet placing theyre bet
on the vets name put you down
bugcrown crowhat and grassman
fast runners and last to first mass
twins lived life in bass bins and
another emerged from some bits
let in the mums tits so triplets gits
get its yets like jets on back snax

untangle the angel question burn
marks on Mr Michaels cheekyfuck
face brows singed and tinged red
comb the truth out the knots do
not forget a brush with the laws
a sweep stake get down the floors
pause to blowdry freezeframe the
action who dyed and who got cut
the look the highlights perms and
further permutations close shaves
tight curls bonets lines and shines

urban sewerside up to the rafters
math rotting in the bath tied up
sunnyside down to face a clown
your frown upside down topsy
turby wishywashe flux forcepts
mail intercepts while mums wept
on the step sign the cheque ink
the spaces marks the spot how
weird times on tables make a
topbillin ass shake lake of fire
we the choir sing down the wire
from spire as cryer in dire spaces
fly on faces aspire to expose liar
be doer not tryer bloom flower
bird tower and feeding trough
bandscope view horizon always
surprising wychwerdin dunciad
brains small and fleshy like gonad
won't add do add try add quad
copter out flying off syward iword

greedheds bulldozer sheds and beds
roll heads roll no peace on the dole
obey do not innovate no robot not
bot slot machine got me sunshine
sidesheen gleam a truth lozenge
gobbling up Goebbles apples now
poisoned cyanide inside swish slide
asleep under rawhide our hero awakes
breakfast bakes and black to bedford
dreambridge wells and deepsbury
slices throwing all to dices aces in
the places pleated neatly street walk
sweetly under lamplight mapheaded
forword winkwynding stars to heart
heading left handed to uptownshire
beetles ants birds and fish foggy
at my sideblurs bullfrogs and flies
in ear with wig filters pain melters
old belters bum booters and tunes
to grow routers to reach outers
limits morebush weeds and seeds

turkey to life and death wine as well
green satan in a tree with fruits and
red boots flutes speak windy walkish
wyntrwynda whirled half wrong out
like wet stockings horses and men
burp at queegs speech a batch more
spuds food to share cut through king
speak take back the day and weigh
up a year under a tree to turn a tv
into treeve and family time without
family here paragraphed into a void
souls spilling from all places and
smiles carry from face to face to
good cheer by which gods can be
recognized comedy and tragedy
all over Christdom and beyond
empty greetings in digital world
when flesh and blood right next
to you ready to sing a song and
tap a fork to a new beat build a
song at Christmas this year dear

noh year new beer no dear be
here now hear crowd cheer or
is that jeer of the old queer
leary seer sight to fight fear
light clear bigending near
flow my tear slayer prayer
seat of soul wax melted poll
taxi and the cost of topshelf
leg waxing for smooh kicks
well lubricated lips dips into
statemint flips spiting bricks
switches clicks like cloppers
funksters and beboppers on
beat crashing like waves off
musical staves while a world
starves for the price of arms
not alarmed cuz mind farmed
to media meatpackers and
framestream dribble-drabb
crabbers and cribbers away
in a mangle press all locked
up and away down in the vault
all my bosses fault perhaps
used the wrong volt out

--Steve Fly Agaric 23 Pratt
(December 2014)

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