Sunday, July 27, 2014

A note on violence in the facebook of suspended judgements

I am against capital punishment, against violent punishment without trial, against the wild west mentality of the vigilante, i am against taking the law into your own hands, like that prick from the movie Death Wish, or untold other Hollywood tales of going above the law, to serve up deadly  justice on some dehumanized criminal, perhaps a zombie?

I could not shoot an animal for sport. Yet, under some circumstances, if armed i might pull the trigger (place your fictitious what would you do scenario here), to protect loved ones. But, it would be a terrifying experience for me, i know that, and i would regret having to resort to violence in retrospect. I admit that i may not be able to control myself in some situations, but one which i hope i will never have to endure.

To relish and roll in the stench of death, in the idea of killing another human being, for any crime, never mind such crimes that involve no personal physical harm, seem like a gross misconception and example of supreme ignorance to me. WTF. But these values will eternally change depending upon who decides what is right, where they are right, when they are right, and under what circumstances. Are you in Gaza, or Glasgow, Syria or London, the arguments will rage on and usually the loudest, angriest and rudest voices will rise in a stale society fascinated by violence, money, gossip, and an eye for an eye mob rule.

This feels like a return to the dark ages to me, i can imagine angry mobs visiting suspected criminals in a varying array of scenarios, delivering they're idea of justice with deadly force. No suspended judgement, a clear conscience to kill another human being, or physically injure them, torture, humiliation, public floggings and perhaps a return to public hanging, all this seems good game in the minds of some people. Who knows how many? who cares when its happy hour and the weather is hotter than since records began?

Friends, i am not trying to persuade you that your vicious revenge and willingness to kill, as punishment for various crimes, is wrong. I wish to point out, first of all that violence breeds violence, anybody can see that the classic mafia type of system of revenge just leads to more misery, loss, death and sadness. While governments and corporations wage war on the vulnerable and the poor, we, the people, squabble and in-fight, a microcosm of the problem, greed and physical might against intelligence and rational thought, sympathy, compassion, humanitas, for crying out loud! Secondly, violence is psychically self-defeating, the game of life, the will to life, the meaning in a very general sense is to expand the psyche, to love, explore, perform by example.

How easy and predictable the calls for killing and death to the scum, compared with arguments for some kind of life sparing alternative, a trial perhaps, or maybe a willingness to listen to them, sympathetically, to begin communication. Difficult i know, but achieved by billions of people every day, the masses of the people on planet earth are not killing one another. A small minority of soldiers, terrorists, murderers and their backers, do the killing.

In my limited experience, the majority of thinking humans on earth oppose war, and violence, especially if they have ever been in the thick of it themselves, not just spectating from the safety of the screen world and newspeak culture of sleep induced complicity and hypnotic induced apathy. A desensitization to the suffering and general well being of anybody not them, not their own family and relatively tiny, insignificant social circle. Peace comes of communication, killing stops all possible communication, its the ultimate one way directed manifestation of ignorance, total certainty and inhumane action. I am against killing, against death, against violent mob revenge.

I hope to many of my friends that this seems like restating the obvious, but i have seen an uprising of angry outrage and violent threats toward other people, groups, and nationalities on social networks that blew me away. Unless these people are a surreal league of fuckers just playing around with the language of violent revenge and bloody murder, in a ludicrous synchronized outpouring, i am totally repulsed by this kind of negative vibes and medieval mob mentality.

Yes, we are all getting bombarded with terrible stories and images and cases of violent crimes, abuses against the vulnerable, economic abuses and local crimes, all mixed up in the painstream media, without much balanced guidance and helpful hints and methods for distinguishing the difference between opinions and humanitarian principles. Do you really wish to reenact these violent episodes in your own neighbourhoods, villages and cities? if so please respond, i would love to hear your reasoning and feedback.

Nevin Slinkyson M.D

Steve Fly 33.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cosmic Trigger Video Playlist

Steve Fly 33.

Looking glass town by Steve Fly

Looking glass town

BY Steve Fly 2/2/07

John Adams
in Stourbridge Eighteen Eighty six
On secret U.S business.

Lions out steel cages Roaring red through town;
Carnivore councilors.
15'000 signatures ignored by
the Blue bulldozer that demolished
Brierley Hill swimming pool.

Church spires interrupt
Malvern and Clent hills
Chinese landscapes.

Golden fleece hung to dry.
Two pears and an invisible river
stepping respectfully over heraldry,

Silver flash from a duck feather immitates
a Tesco trolley in the Stour.
Orange feet tred in some
Rusty waste of a Black Country Industry spill.

Grey Pigeons circle the concrete
ring road.
Golden chariots ride through the
sky at sunset, but hidden,
news comes in black and white.

At the L.S.D market I glimpsed
the ghost of Major Frank Foley.
State-boarded across boarders,
Jumped rivers, hedgerows and walls.

Castle and bridge, bricksteel,
They beheaded John Dudley for
hat-ching a plot.

Over saint Johns,
Under Angel passage,
To the Crown center.
Thank heaven for that. Rats construct.

Organic Urban Renewal, no concrete,
electricity or petrol just
Be humble pigs.

White Poodles pass wind discretely
as preachers pass a mouthful of air
Unto us all. Summer
Wasps patrol trash buckets,

Strawberry skirts and lemon lolly
pops of candy sting, ouch.
White teeth of the odd rat!

Indusury footprint on the Stour'
a giant mythological beast
pigged out for years.

Some Amphibians crawl into holes
to study politicks,
lizards and toads set their banquet

The tale of the Garage is a multi story
grey layers of Concrete,
Leaking budgets and anti-gravity.

A Petrol station, Mercedes garaj,
Bus station, Newspaper HQ, Police Station.
I quickly escape on my Dads bike.

Independent education,
a walk in the wild woods, Bare foot,
starry eyed.

Full moon at Mary's lake,
Ducks perform rites well, I watch
in dark green awe.

Dogs running in january winds,
golden fur and park foliage
pocketing the breeze.

Oak tree silent in the park,
Day in, day out. Silent but Buddley.
Church and state crossed
like branches of a silver birch

Wrestling with a red/white and blue
shopping kite.
Two children theo and sophie
Dancing with crows under our Silver
star - caw caw yowa
wind spayk.

Billboards blown over.
Strong winds create a terrible

Tesco or not Tesco
Is NOT the question.
Trade Union busting,
Worldwide slave wage motherfuckers.

International finance
Trade and industry monopoly.
"Crooked cucumbers?"
Total transformation of shopping,

E-Bay and other internet
direct delivery services.
Goodbye shopping mall.
Red iron ore in the glass sunset.

Sand, Led and sweat make a great pint.
Not rioting, writing
Making green tunes,
at peace with Mary Jane.

Old pink pigs rolling in Mud
By the river, pighogs in mud,
Old England of 'mud n'bog I love thee.

Hungry red fox cub,
much faster than any CCTV camera.
No conspiracy,

it was an accident Charles picked
Gordon Brown in Bollywood,
Bush in Disney world,
I'm down the pub pissed.

Lottery economy, Balls in the air,
Have yours dropped? Chart house,
extra cold Cocaine and Mercedes faces,
Unreal ale, Pop nightmare nigh-tdeath.

Big Brother is watching you.
His sister him, last time I looked.
Trees are falling over in rain-forests too.

Sheep in cream winter coats
Shopping for chops in a summer

Telewest enabled American crap
Cop drama free access into my
Folks front room.

I started talking to horses the day
i discovered Total Information Awareness.
Dancing at two poles a dynamo dancer,
State and Stateless socialism.

Neighborhoods organizing under twilight
Cats, birds and rats plotting.

Bright feathered tracksuits,
custom wings, custom beak, the ducks
push on down The river.

Sovereignty = nature.
Green salamander spitting fire on
Dudley coat of arms.

Desert storm of winter,
Europe power cut, Got any lamp oil.
Total broadband and blue-tooth reception
Throughout a ghost town NOW.

Wikipedia: Laughing Buddha.
Reality support? My mind when i think of it?
The Government stole our water
but there can be no holy wars.

Herb drought!
Call me doctor quick,
any more of this clarity about my nervous
system will result in an sure uprising.

At the bus stop,
A lone violet smiled from a Street basket.
Hi-tec spy busses spy me reading
a spy novel.

Red/blue and white Ultra spy bus 007.
Pharmaceutical finance giants are like
crack fiends addicted to their cash profits fix.

More profit, a growing stat, a fast-buck.
A new drug. Tug....Tug.....don't get hooked.
Vote with your wallet full of
cold rice pudding.

Crystal and glass promises set in concrete,
All under one roof. Bird droppings seem
a funny gloss of Pollock from heaven.

Tuna yogurt. What region, borough, county,
what district, what territory, what nation,
what Union, what world order is really Knu?
Satellites, lasars, nukes and troops on tele,
meanwhile 3000 years of

Chinese poetry gathers star dust.
killingry makes more go hungry, don't be silly.
No guns, no bombs, no poison gas for anyone.
No war.

No more investments in killingry.
Create livingry with otimism and positivity.

Church gates dismantled for the war effort,
a young girl picking yellow daisies sighs
in the graveyard.

Snowflakes join the river.
Be silent. Let the wind speak.

A wild stampede from Dudley Zoo
'oof and mowth outbreak.

70 lizards escaped to the cowncil ooffice
Few games of smoky pool, dog sniffing at my feet,
Different tribes, vibes
Wish you were beer.

Many have an electric wand,
Information interacts everywhere
But a walk to the pond..

Call yourself the chief exec
Shouts the girl,
Thats not safe or sound boy!

Entertain subway spirit of spring
Sound around corners, Mercedes
To Macdonalds.
Breakbeats the missing link.

Wind be our adbuster
Knock down NHS hooked signs,
Blow the propaganda away

Some chips
For her family down the bank
Ducks, rats and many flies fed.

Stourbridge is a "Real Town"

Robin Red breasts sit in
Harmonic intervals on the telegraph.

Rivers are worldwide boundary diplomats
Tree Kings only Lake Queens

How many sides to a war
Fought in infinite heaven,

Newsgroup metro Newscorp

Steve Fly 33.