Monday, November 11, 2013

Steve Fly at the drums

Steve Fly 33.

Pot Illuminati Musings

PI boiling down
ideas into angel PI
no step, sign or handshake
just milkshake, rattle bell
book and roll makemake
make up your own holy trinity
Krassner, Sanders, Sinclair

4 and 20 love bombs
baked in a PI
one for the earth and one for sky
one for waters and one for the fire
twenty imagination flows
feel free to take em' higher

for illuminating tea ceremony
use sacred pot
with bell, handle and spout (mind, body, spirit-snout)
strong light sources of natural sun and
crone moon
for push and pull forces
sing, dance, praise the light
spare a thought for the pottless
and incarcerated warriors

present the pot,
pour tea into pot fom the pot
admire the pot
meditate on the top of the pot
cure your tea methodically
now, in your writing...
remove the 'is' of identity

rhymes spill from bowl of improv
splashed to wall, letters
pulled apart, colors and contour
bloom burst and blop
and fly
through our cannavas
the temple is left clean.

fly out.

Steve Fly23