Monday, June 10, 2013

on the whole thing TToTT

...the whole thing
a life work in progress
a poem from one wo/man
to harness the spirit
of everyman

here is the local basis from
which all else follow
the center of the human being
the whereness of time-space

the unwobbling pivot
the author in time
writing spaces in the writing
for the unknown

the rise and fall of man
the tribal dynasties and empires
come and go, leaving language
beings to make what they can

put it all back together again
in a whole rag bag of history
resonance with likeness in

morphogenetic fields of
cause and effect
cycling eddies and the vortex
time space history life

June 10th 2013
everywhen and its whyness?
what general trends
which families and
nations prosper
which fall away in the dust?

attention to the source and
who distributes it
economics and banking practice
who struck coin, who valued it
are economics the measure
of a nations history or fastest route
to the source?

outer totems and sovereign
metals, sacred digital credit?
things and stuff of the material
are they our artefacts to deduce
facts from flights of fancy?
only a part of the story
a snapshot

inner psychological
insight, in-wit and
mapping by poetic method
of our history?

what humble author
can lift this great ball of light
carry nations and races on
their backs, speak with authority
yet conscious of the limitations?

Wittgenstein, confucious
Pound, Stephen Fry?
the universe is much bigger than
any one of us for sure
we can only see our slice of the giant

to communicate meaningfully among
these stubborn facts that tease
maybe we should adopt a humbling
gramar and linguistic habit?
e-prime, NLP, and poetry
the keys

and so with minds divided by
truth and fact
organized groups can approximate
using rigorous scientific and mathmatical
to deduct...

HIstory such a human endevour
the individual journey into time
to discover oneself among the
your first contact with history
is the second contact with the
events that you choose to visit

each unique individual
exploration touches the past in
unique and special ways,
your life experience impacting how
you see the maze
each new discovery a chance to
be it

think like a writer
if you do not write,
imagine plot scene character
twist narrator and author
soundtrack lighting and

you carry billions of souls around
inside your own universe and
constellation of entities
some born the moment of your
conception, some your birth
some picked up throughout
your life

and so the gods and their
family all are welcome
the spirit must move
treat all wisely and with
slowness is beauty
simple truths

try telling that to the empire
builders architects and

the novel versus twitter
is it the end of the book
and the beginning of a
whole new ball game

GTA style narrative interplay
you the protagonist, exploring
the virtual universe in a game interface
here we are
10'000 Novels awaiting activation
upload into the gaming platform

and the crowdsource flows
into collective tales made product
movies games and albums
combined to tell the whole tale

with Pound at the Helm
Joyce on the canons and
McLuhan at the rudder
all bound for mu-mu land

and set keel to breakers
from bend of shore
into the ocean of messages
language frothing and

--Steve Fly
10th June, 2013