Sunday, April 7, 2013

Freestyle 2013

by Steve 'fly agaric 23' Pratt
7/04/13. Amsterdam. NL

53 quid a week
Who sits before the judge for that?
what justice, what law
trial, society trial paid off

who’s throwing rocks,
what flowers and plants
may day, mayday

Data stash dormant in tis' up-mash
Make a dash with footnotes and hash
upload rhymes like bits were dimes
the empty fist fighting crimes

chatter bot spitting greensnot
dribble through the firewalls
compromise your OS

the newer the technology
the more relative my mythology
The great old ones lie
close to my teeth

into being lung and spliff
gobbing colours from a rainbow
cloud clear coral reef
strange fish fade from
the surface lights,
and swim underneath

Bread line to crumb street
to flour avenue
what to do to stop the hating?
to slow global mating
and the finance masterbating?

The bend of days
send of time
bigending of nothing much

re-wind of change?

Who can take the position
of the lowest
the old man on the street
in India or
somewhere in Asia or
Africa? Greece, Spain, Ireland
Italy, Cyprus the UK?

Review the backstory
reread the foreword
predict your future past particles
practice kung future presentism

Now is the time
make it new
fake a fake
paint a lake

Man imitates nature
sure things certain forms
recognized by domesticated
primates, a plates a plate!

self assembly
other controls, self and other
reference and identity
reflected in a black mirror
filter to the sympathy please
the compassion program
to feel with others, and
everything watches, listens and
records, but you knew that

Cateracts in the all seeing
be-bop jazz to fight
look out there'll be flat out treble
update peace to your
mobile phones

networked matter and
clones of clones of
homes that build themselves
Bucky Fullers worlds emerging
like Supermans smart
assembly crystal housing?

For solutions the poet keeps on dowsing
punched in the face daily
by the empty fist
each time the willow trembles
dreams of carbon 60
molecules assembling
sentences of cities

off world civilizations
pop-out space cities
easy grow self-flowering gardens
the geometry of chemistry in
Joyce and Bruno?

The googlarity
moment has come full circle
under moonlight
the web reflects
all things that are

Peacock spiders dance and
i throw up my arms

The lemur sits watching
an Owl reading Amiri Baraka

Tardigrades gather round
plotting the next trip
on the back of a carbon 60
nanotech spaceship

A Panda sneezes and
the whole world laughs
 Babies cry, cats fall
birds fail and people watch it,
observing high Dada,
life in mosaic, as Escher
as Coltrane

men mine minerals to make
better toothpaste for whiter teeth
a tangle of tongues toast their
hosts hospitality.
The bats hang
dying from fungus

Pesticides are killing the bees
just doing what it sez'
on the can, besides
pesky bees, we want
more nice butterflies
and beef burgars

see bitcoin and Claude Shannon
and centepedes

Aha, spring
another euro crisis
austerity cuts and no common
horse sense: horseterity

Ships of salty sensations
sink in the gyres, the black twisting
no light can get out
news black hole

One hour spent typing
two just looking
where do i post this stuff,
blog, FB, tweet a bit, or
churn into some other work?

Distractions and exploding churches
robot dogs, drones, 3D printing and
lawyer run capitalist chicane drain
drip droopy in my ears
back to the trees
back to nature, we must go

soon, do what you will,
honor the local gods
question the scientific models
learn from your elders
be quarkitex and quantum dot

Elephant trunks sway
this way and that
to the beat of the street they walk

Cats talk to birds
in a charming chatter tongue
penguins cough and splutter
and the warbles sing somewhere

to reverse engineer an ear
sounds good to me,
right back to the big bang
cookie monster
where are you, author?

with chips and souvenirs, sexy socks
weed and beers

a frozen city of a high society
invaded by the other classes
begging, buying or busking it?

All the usual junk on show:
coca-cola, Mcdonalds, Burger King
ING, Rabobank, Starbucks,
but in between these

coffeeshops, smartshops
and sex-shops and live
sex shows and,
temporary live sex partners
so what next, the pigeons cou'

--steve fly (freestyle)

Steve Fly