Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was thinking about a new theme for a 'facebook' note, something popular, fun and universally recognized, and a bit racy, so I made a 'bazooka Jugstapostion' enjoy, Steve-fly (Doctor Marshmallow Cubicle.)

'bazooka Jugstapostion'

Hail to the Old World Babblers
funny bags of bowl me over wisdom
holsters to support the otherworld where
the breast scene of the mammalis mountaintop
gleams lycka' cuple a' slightly chinflated saucers
with fairy cup-cakes and with dark juicy cherries, curved
elliptical hovercraft at a quick glance, oh the quick soft flash
of a gland can be enough to drive us to refute gods, heroes and men 

The lightening flash of babby taps tapping
the trifocal mind of humanity, neuron spark to blood rush
to the elongated caramel helicopterpads where I request landing
permission, check, cheek and down we go, off the skislope into next weeks
belly button. Shall I plush it? looking up I spy the golden apple of the sun and
the silver apple of the moon bright through Indra's white and tight night net vest.

Two swell and sprout as if one breast
were the cabbage of Artemis and the other
the whole melon of Hera, both perfect fruits and
vegetables made of flesh to manifest general cone-fusion
and somewhat irrational behaviour: nork-entropy in the spirit
of Aphrodite. The two since 15'000 BC, the lift right in/out cup/
down blouse/white silky (dualistic binary paradigm) shirts out into
the third floating infinitity top, watch you don't bite yr/ drooping tongue

Salvation, oh 'Rrrrr' me beauties
Increased blood flow, more salvation
yelps and shouts: 'oh Jesus,' 'oh my god,
' or... 'BANGERS' on every street worldwild.
'Yes Miss I suspect a good pair of warm exuberant
jugs can defeat a world of thuggery by jugst distracting
the single sighted Newton's sleep of 'phallocentrickery' with
domes domes DOMES, or you might say hemispherical skin cones

Gland furthermore, I Sir Chest
we open a nation of dual citizenship
in 'bazooka jugstapostion' space smooth
contours and variable sizes: (fairly small, slightly
sagging, fairly large, boosters!) shape: pointy moundy
rounded, knap-sack like, and all colors: chocolate brown
fresh cream raspberry pink lemon fresh bazookas to eclipse
the lure of I-pad and farcebook, the G8 Summert and twitter?

Hand curved facetime to a full teat
the toffee-tipped life-force, the perty
nipple-goddess of gravity orbits, the coffee
cup spiral wobbler's to wake our eyes zouted
and cry a sliver of milk. In the case of these eye
sockets and yr/ cleavage opposites attricked firmly.

A pear of goddley's with cream
to make a Monk scream Mosquito bites
real 'gods' and entities you can touch and
commune with, Im not afraid to say that now I come
to know good worship, orbmen! take me to the moon with...

A bust powerful enough to
stop a rocket ship by ejecting
its fuel rods, supple enough to overpower
youtube! nipples tuff enough to withstand titerally
hours of suckling and lip lapping, and not only for a man
to enjoy, understand me please here women suckle too lets
jugst agree to celebrate the breast in 2011, for heavens sake.

Tits time to jugst let them babblers
greet the light of day, show em' the sun
and clouds every chance you get, but don't
get me wrong, I wouldn't want to force a gal'
or anyone to do what they ain't found the will to
do fo' themselves, but, rather, as I say, I'm writing
my thoughts on buns 'out' today, and have to admit
tits make we want to express the bubbling microwave back
ground radiation spilling out my skull and through my eye-ball slits

Bosom magic power
bulbs to change fast as light
hitting any orb. Spring Break, snap,
whoops, (IMF, Giggs, Tiger Tiger) there
they are again, and I can't fight them dummies
so strong like the lure ice cooled beer pipes racked up

Tetons to see and small puppies to touch,
holy 'baps' to make a bishop kick a hole in a
stained glass window. Two planets orbiting a solar
shirt system, suspended upon a complex wrap around
silky horizon, or a lace vehicle that gently lifts and holds
the sacred boulders in place; gently transforming the soft skin
into a two-tone panorama's of grace. Silk, cotton or maybe a latex
bikini or a simple feathery vesticle to frame those norks and have me
confess right here down on my knees that I'm always abreast for suckers.

"hey shall I juss' suck em' and see,
shall I chicken-peck those healthy sacks?
I call to everyone to go on and help wipe the
days toil from your mind, suckle and show some
support, play sport: pick a banana up with mangos
and calculate shadow trajectories, go on, plot trips to
Jupiter's moons and to the far east with Ishtar or north with
Brigit to study each priceless love stone, the Bosom: my holy home.

Big or small no matter
I can handle it. Tits about
the excitement and the 'flash' and
of course a gentle squeeze in the bath
is always a Bhreusy' bonus, a twin win, a chest
of treasure, secret avenue to the stars, a reason to
worship life each morning and to redesign bra's bras.

By cool breasths and girth of Nuit
and Indra and Eleanor of Aquataine's
assets--let the cans fly everywhere--and
let us forever hold holy hooters with the lofty
highest orders of form in the perfected cosmic
orbifold universe: our study of unity in duality, orbmen!

Each areola ring becomes
its own entity in space/time,
each breastooka connecks to
super-cozumos of the spectacular
human body-brain 'interactive' nervous
system, watch the grape swells under vine leaf

Oh mama matrix moist mysterious
let milky way have its creme splendour
at the tip of each gland, a portal to the raw
real gods and goddesses, a sensory playpal
pad and a cresh for life, fleshy docking point for
tactile answers to flow out into the deep questions of
philosophy and cosmology and information theory and...
Q. Why are we here A. to look at breasts and build accordingly?
Q. How did we get here A. by breast as social attractor and baby tap

The twist of the two the
slap on the wrist the DNA
programme to desire orbs in
our round and safe lives, the lack
of naked figures in Forbes! a coupla
free wheeling strawbs to knock a black-hole
through man's hypothalamus otherwise engaged

A pair of dumplings to dump
smiles of awe and wonder into
humanitease face beyond my crude
wishes to feel some whoppers, or prized
anglesea bobblers, Bristol's, Dudleys, shockers


"handicapped by two breasts in operatops, a remarkable little endowment garment."--James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, pg 532

Steven Pratt, Thursaday 26th May, 2011. Amsterdam. NL.

Grand Teton