Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Fun in Shannanigums Wave

Death pays some debts, but not all.

I think we should allow all drugs at the Olympic Games, for the sake of good sport and fairness and equality, especially in the special Olympics, if a guy has no legs and can race in a wheel chair, or somebody with a neurological chemical imbalance can race doped up to, a fair and equal sporting state of mind?

Sage before beauty

Why do we need identification cards, do you think I'm lying when I say who i am? Surely the people that know me can define who I am, 20 or more, why is it always me and some stranger that get to confront the biggest question in my life, and usually at an airport?

I'll coin a phrase: coinspiracy.

Why do we name towns after rivers today, when nobody uses them, we might consider renaming towns after shopping malls, football teams or Newspapers.

What they're telling us about paranoia, its not true tell you, they're lying to us, I can prove it.

I think that George Bush and Tony Blair combined to make the Millennium bug, we were warned about it but could never think that the bug would take human form and wreak so much havoc.

Why don' they make a gun that can fire currency, killing the enemy with funding.

You hear about the Pilot episode of the new TV series about 911? it got hijacked and turned into a "reality" TV show.

When will the GREEN party take a stance on an end to prohibition and war on some drugs?

I studied schizophrenia and drugs at college and graduated with 5 A's, 5 E's, 2 G, and some K.

I went to a conference called the Prophets conference, I always knew I was going and when I finally arrived the Prophets were expecting me.

Back talk don't.

If UFO's are so smart and advanced why don't they bring food and computers for us all?
Why don't we have democratic voting systems incorporated in our televisions networks so we can VOTE for what we wanna watch, vote for who reads the news, vote for who plays who in the soap operas, vote on what happens next.

What is public television without two way communication?

Bullets are called slugs, but why not call them turds?

Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard, except the Stephala Pods and the O'Mollusks.

Why do we sing God Save the queen, she's got all the best medical treatments and seems to be doing fine.

Is the Difference between a massacre and a serial killer just the lag time between murders.
Reality and Television don’t mix.

Defeat the illuminate... surround them with lamp shades.

Did you know special mushrooms can now breakdown nuclear waste materials, I'm slightly worried about this news, what if they start eating the soil and the leaves and the tree’s and organic waste material?

A scientologist came up to me the other day and said "Are you feeling streesed sir' i went with her, answered some questions and held some stress balls. She didn’t even know who Jack Parsons was, I left only a little less anxious.

I was busking in the subway for a few months, I headlined each night, got paid in hard cash that I could see and hear and the whole show was recorded on CCTV.

In the age of Bush and Blair please take your emergency bomb drills as ‘live’.

If money does not grow on trees why is the pacific lumber company so well off?

Jack of some trades, master of some.

If dolphins are so intelligent why don't they work out how to play chess with the Octopus?

If intelligent dolphins work out a system of human like justice and equality may the killer whale be renamed as a fish slaughterer?

A solution to slave labour - free labour!

I once picked up some magic drum sticks from a shaman in San Francisco, i played my first gig and turned the crowd whole crowd into blue wooden spoons.

I went to a myspace party the other week and met a 4 dead people and an Octopus called God. "
If you think the world is coming to an end, then shut the hell up.

Where does the 'drum" come from in the term Chicken Drum sticks, did these chickens learn paradiddiles or did somebody use the severed legs as drum sticks before they were packaged? I never seen a drumstick with a big fucking clump on the end like that, looks like a Chciken "Club" stick. Bloody drummers thigh.

Did you know that all pussy cats are special agents of the dictator Mao.

You ever notice how people who drive cars always look like the're late for something, do you ever see people walking with such expressions like that?

The phrase used to describe the murder of an entire royal family is Regicide. Why not royal flush!

Bruce Lee mixed Kung Fu and Dancing together, I mix hop scotch and snooker together and call it Hop snootch.

If knowledge is power then why hasn't the internet been elected as president or Prime Minister?
why bother praying when you have a credit card to get what god made?

I was at the airport on the way here tonight and this guy said to me "Did you pack your own bag?" and i said “No I packed somebody elses”

I'm a relapsed vegetarian, I eat what I know really deserves to live.

Systems of hereditary rule lead to us all ruling the cosmos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sport Frall'

Evolve and revolve to solve the Novelle

...conscious butter roll dream cure wayward evolution hum high seed of Healing the ceiling mutter fossilized drams’ clean wiv’ Yeast Lyf crushed up powder and water sport moving sports of decomposition writing while Rowing while writing scores for cherry gold cinema buffball babelfish cryptospores and community floating dispersed psychology outword degree liberty propeller in underground spore brandy art evolves' ballistico yoga cleanse pores butter-up brandy sauce with self-organized natural ‘Mycollegee’ destiny Art to Evolve a spell wave cycle of Liberty thought blowing net transmissions together movements zoospore hiking Love ground to gather silly verse in...

Steve Fly 33.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


"Everyday, precious, while m'm'ry's leaves are falling deeply on my Jungfraud's
Messongebook I will dream telepath posts dulcets on this isinglass stream --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, page 460.

21st Aprill 2010. Amsterdam 8.00 PM - 10.00PM.

In a loose and adhoc' conjunction with, 'Evolver Spore Amsterdam' will be hosting a DREAMSPORE' featuring multimedia presentations (DJ & VJ) plus live poetry, theatre and crafts.

In resonance with the theme of DREAMS' we suggest that, if you like, you can bring your own dreams with you, on paper or just in mind, and maybe something tangible to share, a gift that reflects something from a dream you once had.

"pulse of our slumber, dreambookpage" --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, page 428

This is by no means compulsory but advised for enhanced value of experience. I think.

Music on the night will be provided by DJ fly and set to include exclusive tracks from Yukari Watanabe's album project 'Dreams'

Coldcut, Kai Eckhardt, John Sinclair, Doctor Marshmallow Cubicle, Supercity, Garaj Mahal.

A small 'live' improv theatre group will add more dream juice to the well spring and a 'live' reading and open cuss' & disscusion of the 'dream theme spore' content . Open mic' time will be available for any visiting performers and artists to contribute. Please express any special arrangements you may need or a time slot before the 21st of Aprill if possible.

flyagaric23 @

"It is, it is Sangannon's dream." --James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, page 297

primary reading material previews:

The Illuminati Papers
By Robert Anton Wilson

Odyssey of the psyche: Jungian patterns in Joyce's Ulysses
By Jean Kimball

Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy
By Clark Heinrich

Pauli and Jung: the meeting of two great minds
By David Lindorff, David P. Lindorff

The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives
By Ray Grasse

"Indeed, Jung specified that synchronicity could not fit into any purely causal,
billiard-ball theory of the universe." Quantum psychology: how brain software programs you and your world‎ - Page 171