Thursday, December 31, 2009

WORLD PISS: The spore or the woids


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Paperback, 136 pages
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There seems to be no agreement as to what ‘Shannanigums Wave’ is about. Maybe the sham inherent in the transformation of thought waves into speech? The author once claimed that the wave was simply an epic footnote to his new Novel: Our Historys Back, describing a scene where the protagonist DJ Plush from 2012 cuts-up his dream diary using modified turntable tools and produces a compressed prose code.
An old work mate of Steve’s referred to the Wave as “A new Black Country manifesto for the mutation, the Wave captures subtle forces. We have been informed by the author that each of the twenty-three chapters ends with a dream sequence lifted directly from Steven’s dream diaries. Approx 74’000 words, 111 Pages, divi...
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