Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Inklish ar’ wydely considered fust mod’
Society to mek swimmin’ into a proper sport.
Fli bin’ trested in swimmink since i was a seven year old nippa’

Swimmers tidal flow

floodley Afloat, comfy coze-

ley, Lost Brierley Hill?

2008 – Coseley Bath Earmarked for closure due to dodgy roof’
April 1, 1974: The con. Mosh up a' former cownty borough of
Dude-ley, wiv the William Seward Burroughs inner-zone of Alesowin’
And flouridge.

2009: late summer...2000 people join facebook group demanding
Coseley Baths stay open for the local community.
1837: Fust paddlin comps held in London's spashing pools.

Coseley, Brierley Hill

Stourbridge pulling with

A tide olde Dudley leisure hand craft.

July of 1967: Doodley con. ban folks from swimming in Lodge Farm Rezza’
Because paddlers wuz’ obstruction to boats’
Councillor Les Jones said
Protestors needed to be realistic in June 2009:
“We have made a clear commitment
To closing the baths on safety grounds,”
“We believe our structural engineer’s report stands up
– we don’t use ‘fly by nights’.

Swimmers tidal flow

floodley Afloat, comfy coze-

ley, Lost Brierley Hill?

1987: Teaurbridge Swimmin’ Club wuss demolishevelled by Mudley Clownsil
Cuz it was riffy, structurally unsafe, and beyonda fixin’ up. and them went an’ replaced it wida leisure pond fur the fancy pant 1990's Leisure con. and disinvestment industry Very noyse, but unsuitable fur competitive swimumin’ me thinks. 7th January, 1869: furst meating of Amateur Slimming

Stourbridge Swim Club fought

Dudley MBC 86’

Crystal clear lies splash.

4th June, 1901: Sturbridge Swimming Club founded as
31st 2005: Untied kingdome gives o'er
Her presidency of the Con. Of the Europeeing Youngyin.
2nd August, 1900: Foundry stone of Stourbridge Public Baths wuss laid by Isaac Nash.
Bath water come from a well cut in local sandstown.
Annual subscription fix'd at fiyv shillyns
Juss 25 pence, a bargain for a 12 yerolt kid
Werkin 60 hours a week for 2.d down a death mine.

T.V’s got talons

Dragons den factor on ice

Big Brother News storms.

1939-1945: Stourbridge baths closed fur public due to word war II.
17th May 1923: Open air swimming bath built at Stourbridge
June 2009: Victoria Baths – Portsmouth is closed, against local wishes.

Newspeak Bubbles up

Bottom feeders speak fish quack

Money Repair Cash?

3:30, 31st December 2005, Brierley ill Lye-sure Centre
Closed due to DudMetBo’ Council decision.
72 con.cillors, representing 24 wards
Both an election boundary and
A division, the pool could not be saved, damn it.

Lies yellow chlorine

Drifting from council meetings

Erode roof of mouth.

1894: Brierley Hill comes an urb.an di.strict
Under the yocal yobernment Akt ov 1894.
2006: There are 23 olympic sized cuts in the YUK. England 15,
Scotland 4, Ireland 2 and Wales 1.
1 iz under con.struction in Coseley? Brierley Hill?
Poiklitics seems lyk a pools lottery in 2006x

Steal my fayce, my book

Backcountry Blurds flew afar

Tree dustin’ Indus.

An Oilympic Pool is 25m wyd, you hear!
Depth ov 2.0m minymum
50m in length, while the 25m width
Allows for 8 laynes, each 2.5m whyd
With an extra 2 spaces of 2.5m wyd outside oss rowds 1 and 8.
2.5 x 8 tracks = 20m + (2.5m x 2) = 25m in total.

Olympic Business

Swim sport win deal and no deal

Community splash?

1896 and 1906, women could'nt participate in
Oilympic games due to Baron Pierre de Coubertin holding firm to the conservative
Dogma of the Victoryian eara, that women wuz too Frail to engage in competitive sports. June 2009: Sherwood Baths in Mansfield Woodhouse undergoes a £5m refit
And is renamed the Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre, Becky meets
The Queen for her OBE for services to swimming.

The noose that ties hands

Maybe loosened by an

Independent thought

Conlablibortive Burroughs talktics:
Slaving urban language Sub-contracts with precise
Gaffers waffle. June 2009: Campaign to save the historic Tyneside pool, NEWCASTLE
Kicks into action.
1960: British boyernment's Beeching Axe hijacks
The costs ov running the British tram system by pullin'
The plug, on what them considered to be unprofitable riffy’ trams.

Dry Conservative

Sap head labour straw warfare

Drowning street can’t swim

Ow ya transfurring propertea
From public ownership to private merchant ownerships?
And/or, both/and... transfiguring the monagemint
Of a service or activitea from an arf soaked gaffernment...
To the private pocket secta
Who issues it, ow?
Rekkids are set crooked
With some Doodley Burroughs aksensi

“Council bosses say their hands are tied by a structural report.”

1917: S.F.C Motto crafted upon the S. Coat of donnies.
Bridge and 2 gold'n froots,
Gold Fleace suspunded by black Chains of Skin
And Leather Dressing LTD.
Chayn Cable Industries, and pooer hung lamb like a man.
'One heart, One way’? why', singleness of mind and
Purpose? To steer, shepard, pilot, escort, to be cyber-swimmer-pilot
1 pool, 3 million folks. No wey serviam.

Cash Till sound Shopping

Echo’s back to mine shafting past

Merry Labyrinth

March 1990: After many swummers protest throughout Thatcher’s layt 1980's
With signs and LOUD chanting
The grystal Leisure Centre wuz born, twice
Unpon historic baths holy grave
It reopened wit’ gravy machine,
, Bond eye beat and
A Non-competitive swimming pond
No deeper than the big puddle down the bonk by me mum’s house.

Roman rowd’s to shops

Greek tragic comedy

Britain Trydon’t sp’ end.

Will a swimmer be free'd from yampy chains ov capitalist slaverewind
When they docked away our baths for them's private
Pools, private betting and private gaming crackers
Save ALL the baths you have

Mark “Britomartis Triton Leucothoea Posedawone” spits. MPHDJ