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WORLD PISS. CHAPTER 7. PPMX. The shape of things to come.

Chapter VII.

"The birds flutter in my tree and i think i have heard them saying," Ezra Pound, Cathay.
Blogging PSi Fistory. Tirty RUNO seals for post-terrys tea. Gingerly with licorice if you like. Wild days like Jimmy Calendri× ➚John Calandear-trane. Gump TV, Gunk Bonk Boink TV. Coming with, on your belly. Channel TOE: same old tele. Same Ole lies. Heart-drops. Lost Amber Rum around and under the nose, the swelling noises lift my heart, yes. Barrel head rolling wheels of Samsara sounds, swirl of Dizzy.

Turning waterwheel shovels shaped to scoop the Moon. Tribe-tables direct love. ColtranΞ redirects toward stellar regions. Connecting the dots of the musical Zodiac. Through tunnels. Whirl pools in River s, oceans and natural volcanic springs. Spring shepherds bring bully hot media, De Niro cloaked with Golden lambs wool. And the cow jumped o'er, and came back as cheezeus crystal slices. Ground crabpaste spread on canvas. So kiss me through the looking glass test tube.

32 'nd notes sratched into the melting crystal glass in the Foleybridge Unusual Clay Kitchenette. Mind your own laboratory me mate. Mine your own story jack. Amber he.artdrops limber from my midriff timber trunk slender boink Boink. Mushed me. Where did my thoughts go. What crash, boom now.

Corpses set to banquet, cannibals of Europe are eating their litter. Keep Britain Tidy. Part2 said. Erase pist experience to mic licecrime for the nixt. Paint oview. "Woid gets bjorn" yarrow stalks talk no? consultation fees zero, just throw and the movie begins. Game afoot.

A lung and some L.P's. Waterwheels spinning upon a River most beautiful, finches chatter in branches of birch, Hello! Silver Birch tree. Above a star in Gump TV. Plush never met funki porcini. Sticky honey amber rhym floating past a sleeping audience, you could hear a wind chime, or chatter geese, floating bye. Hydrophobically caged single electron elves. C a g e d words, fossilized p o e m s, equations tranforinto Sereneviews.

K e y s to many homes, email addresses, fast cars and cellars. Honey drops drip drop. Rivers sway their way to sea, sway side to side. Camera pans quickenberry along River stour in this hour of bleed. Mutants R a t s develop their own viruses, to fight polluted environments as kicka-roach. Three quicken trees, garble of nine as one riverus onest even.

Termteabell RE:vo lution.
10'000 turntablists. An army.
Apply Seal/calendar of choice.
Teabell Tales Tales Tales! Apple Logic
Tastetime-c❁de discs. Served upun Tirmteabell of Curryspun/dance.
Oozing blue puss from an early byte of luck.

23lb jars of sauce, or it could be jam or jelly cake? dunno... but the Stuffs being Scaffolded via multitrack audio dialects. The yellow open sauce trickles beyond the boundAries of the physical boundiAries of the Stereoscopic Holographic Prose tools. HP SAUCE. imagined and engineered in swimming pools. Remove the ceiling! arm troopers for Re:volution.

The Militant Prose tools i spew shatter fragments further. GODISTURBER. Shits blown sky high! But the fungus ate it all. No atom left behind, write. Apple L❁gik times Reasun makes astrose t✴✴ls. fli sight equals plug outs. Record, Lightening bolt one-leg just run off with my footnotes. Toenotes.

Cyclopstereo equipment. Monocoli sight so far and
Deep and wide
And knows for sure for sure?

Lynear alphabit single sightednuts often fail to produce broader thinking. No stereo band on the one hand, but single sight gets shit done quicker on the other. Multiple truth. True stereo serum. Pandora's doors swing to be-bop and box jimselves into the vast infinite phase studio Arcane sanskrit-ching. Manipulating faze, pitch n' time further. Frequinox amplitude delay. Stop. Repeat repeat. Polarity of Cannabis Psychosis Tea.

How can we stop it in reality? Police your mind, police your thoughts. Moniter, record, stamp all transactions. Bastards want my soul. Coming up and turning on. Can't read my science fiction in peace. illuminatea party peoples from ALL times and ALL places re:unite in a concrescence of Vibration i say yes, Hear Comes Everyware. Got a tissue.

YES with iNK and Gas deployed upon Semi-circular canals and throughout Riverbanks. A Seed looping on, a river diary, calendar, poem, vinyl mix tape mixed live by hand, over again again. With hands tied. Committed. Cutting and scratching samples.

Foleϒ He$$ Crowley mess mopped up. Oh. Plush. Loop quantum gravy tea. A hearty feast of Apple logik prose pie served on a re:volutionary platter, hot and dripping with whipped cream. The Swiss bank accounts with all the Gehlen loot. A re:birth of logik, reason and aseed looping. DJ Food Pizza on a T'Tble. A Novel.

The K'King when? Kung Fu Tse and Li Po and Tofu. Chuang Tzu all coming for you. Spicetyme wave functions souperimposition. Tzolkien middle earth Way? Sey yes. Middle way earth map puzzles and puddings. 64 tracks/codons/hexagrams. 384 doors to 1586, 1936 and 2016. Coco-creating anaconda-log stereoscopic RiNA DiNA Synthesis. Hierestarry.

Metempsychosis. Aesthetic whispering ghosts. ColTrane effect, holographic prose without powder up my nose. Cash from ©oke goes to ©iA Folk. Fly bandwidth pregnant with novelty. 111. Royally Unified Strawberry mushroom and cream "field" theory, forever and ever. My dreams of a final theory Finnished? re:contextualized, realized and actualized while tripping liquid Miles, Till summer spacetime i'm out, fli-cal!

Flytied to wooden waterwheels. i'm dunked donut on Iraq. The hour of hydro power smells near. Thought Samsara as she put out her next load of wasjing on the green nylon line strung between the house and the garage. Water wheels on Rivers! make them flow and harness Dynamotion. Don't PUSH her. Let her do it in her own way. Help her flow. bodies of water as an unincorporated temporary autonomous zone. Dig my pudon, dropseed. My sword lye' Aisy now sir. Coffin up out yer chamber pot with indjun gypsy jazz playing blind on the phonograph.

Crescent city Bayou disaster reflects our River water. But a levee broke in New Orleans and they had a Hurricane called Katrina. Our River should look different to the ruddy Mississippi or cloudy ganges. The council has ignored as B☠sh ignored. Thus spoke the mouthpiece of the mount, the eagle "she" spoke and said New Orleans has been " Wiped out'. Police and thieves in the street boomed from an SUV parked beneath the concrete underpass.

A bag lady stops for a break to feed the hungry pigeons. Back through the WOiD. The keys to heaven and hell. The bowl of potential. The vessel to wrestle in. The empty vehicle. Like a Vaticancia black hole bank. Beyond blood and flesh, family and country or the company, what expatriot? way out beyond. Snot language with green money talk, gangster talk, bigger stronger more buying power on the market. in the buginuess was the gesture.

The market might be civilizations greatest destructive force. Wisdom grows abundantly around the world. Step out into your Golden crop pasture. Roll in it. Feel the leaves as clothing. Her clothing. Step on. Sacred Cow pies and holy Chao dung produce sheet music stravinsky could dig. For a song that your singing in your head continues ringing in your head. An iCARO that YOU have Sung in dreams seems in your dreams. in the star-clusters of soul nights and last night before bed you see the stairs. A ballad to our ancient ancestors huyumpah moowowoo.
"It is a matter of "rite words in rote order," as Joyce put it.” -- Marshall McLuhan.
Canal renewal project hydropower in the minds of the people. Amber Amrta nectar very much like hot rods in the fireplace. Like hot rods in the last scenes from Total recall. We can remember it whole sale for you, maybe. i' believe i have water-logic on the brain. i dream of the ocean often. i dream of being under-waterlogik most of the time. Even in the dud lye cut.

Where the canal reaches the crow, a cut acroxx the westly mudlands, above and beyond see level. Spirit level skewered in a conservative matter of fact has kept these waterways filthy. Filth and ill'th led to poison chemical dumping and pumping house jams into her winding embankments and his navy paved man made brown waterways.

Home to giant red faced rats and crazy pussy cats, shopping trollies and tossed out doormats reading "welcome". Him and her. 2.4 X-Box's. How can we know their sorrow? slurry we filled you up with industrial waste. i wish industrial light and magic would transform your blood lines into healthy life sustaining blue lines.

Rivers of northern California, oh dears, where i'm pulling soaking memories through a looking glass tube. i can see pebbles and lush shades of shrubbery. Gump TV Bonk Boink. swatched on and on Channel 3: Each time i breath i see mintredwords in the east reaching with their tips to tickle baby blue, sky blu high circus tent, the Late summer floss might catch my glimpse just long enough for a single syllable or a billion billion babbleators from a brown brook. illustrated by a pop-up book. in the distance a Bridge torus' meanwhile.

Gaian life-force particles, tOoh. Its soooo Gai. Hang in the air like music, they support me in my aquatic adventures in orbiting rugs' of persian paisley paste. Orgone. Gloopy water, viscous and full of shit.

i remember the Rivers of california i swam in better than the Rivers in my own home town of stourBridge in waded in a looked at because our River contains ford escorts, rats and extract of industrial light and revolution, flushed from the minds of the people into my immediate existential reality ∄ it makes my memory based on my physical immersion in waste so much richer and more vivid.

Beauti/ful? More memorable timeice comp. submerged inside of a new orgone media, washed from head to toe to brain to the furthest reaches of the known universe in the message. How can today be compared to yesterday? a gloss of the word, looking glass at the absurd, seen to be disbelieved through fli-tunes Avatar berry mutsh, push for another Putsch.

Seal/calendar fly disc jockey. Drum-active determined to plant spores of change. throughout earth and the outer galactic star-systems, or mebbe just help you wake from a slumber. Eye have become spore of the woids. i grow on you. Flow on you. i have tyme for YOU. Please flow with me. Friday 13th October 2006. (Oct 13, 1307) poets rounded up as terrorists. Warrior monk martyrs. Criminals and new espion.age servants of one gods god.

The knights Templar's of Orange marmalade spread upon Vaticancia Kryptoast. What is to be done? Maybe? i'm Cyrillic Agaric - i-Disc/seal Jockey. Okey Dokey. Lets eat Counter-intelligence agents. i-disc full of a secret Agent known as Muscarine: False prophet, destroying angel, a GUCT reactor. Going off with Joy. 22.03.00: Dreaming that same night i managed to retrieve words from the dream. Definite words "TOX-SICK LITERATURE".

(Dream Time Unknown) 9/9/00. Huge sea-rocks and a wide screen ocean of absinthe blue before me. Trembling on the rock. Sea darker, Emerald mint, darker green. Sitting i am streaming tears at the waters edge. Suddenly i was whisked away like a wind to flat arid desert terrain, something else, white sands for hundreds of miles in every direction. No Horizon in sight. Riding inside a car with Bob heading towards some red-rocky outcropping to the right. Before us a small pond which looked black as Texan oil. i dived in only to discover it was seemingly bottomless, with just an oily layer floating on the top, beneath in the pool i found amazing Egyptian/Mayan designs and wonderful vivid pastel colors tiled to the many sides of the room. i had the ability to stay underwater for much longer than usual. A girl was in the water with me to, just floating and communicating with me like a precog'. Then i remembered finding a Chamber just off to the left side of the underwater room. Through a small circular opening a short tunnel led out to another grand ball room that looked liked an inhabited hovel of some old witch/princess with gills and awful tentacles. i couldn't remember if there was any water or not at that moment, this felt like real flying again. The atmosphere seemed to disappear.

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