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WORD PISSink. CHAPTER 15. "Dead lungwaj course"

Book IV. Chapter XV.
"Whatever you say it is, it isn't." --Alfred Korzybski.
Define the detail of the vibe of the shining web-mails stretching nine furlong miles in a night of nine week’s wonder from miss Ninny from Carolina. Maybe with solarsystemissles and semi-nine authors in search of a mother one, family, symmetry again or threequickendthrice bindings. Declare! “New words for all!” Alrightmaze. All night blazing trail of the tribe. “Whair you? Minjail.” Spoke out the wheels and turned and tied a tale to the tide “All’s well. Arose. The Gail and the vibe, the hemp sail and the bribe. The nail and the hide.” Universal mail to unsubscribe individuals from ONE WORLD government.

One word dumb. Moment. No auction-sale of the tribe! Oarmen Value Void. Priceless starmutter. Slanguage, an energy virus in my GUCT. (Grind Unifly’d Cunspiracy Theory) A muscarinic antagonist tagcloud. Electrochemical surprises; the optic nerves relay epiphanies. Like pissing in your sleepwalk. Visual cortex caught in a vortex, at the rear of the noggin, there, here and back then a cascade-like network of nerve cells, a fine network of fly fibers sperate the input fountains into ideogramicro-flash curryspunding to form, color, movement, depth, shading. Reunite into coherent image. Great mystory remains Great. Until we develope a new linguage of cooperative representation. Ramblecoat arms and Lye spice. "Give me your face" Nu wyne flowing from SΩMA, but not all triquarters. Seven-sillybull tripplechaic line JJ B's Ballad salad meters. Octosyllabic ink sacks. Geek terry dactylic crillic cyrillic hexhameter alfa line. Trochaic terratetrameter half-line. hook stinker.

Eyeambrick trimeter factor alfa lyre
. 13 seals tetraterrormeter alf-line. Latin flash alcaic strophe, a spoor Elegiac couplet. Terry Dactylic, hexameater alfa line, HandyCap syllabrick. Alexandry duzen dirty sillycow. Decaysyllaswampable octosyllable ink sacks spurting Fontaine. Fly playing relationships betwixt figurs. Fields full ov fellow mushy musician plays with harmonic and Contra(pun)tal relationships, surfing Finnegans Wake awake again can't you beat Timespace thun? its inseparable from motion, for without motion there would be no space for time. A continual circulation or Ourabouros of SΩMA from itself to itself to itself to itself to itself to itself into teleportation. Can't beat time. Can't beat time. Bap bap boom. its inseparable it's inseparable.

Using just severn tea bags, here's a fully functional Seal Calendoor brewed in 1976 with some boiling water. Add the Tzolkin map, a copy of Finniguns Wake, two i-Pods, a lighter, knowtooth wireless "Telepathic" internet access through corpseManure and world piss. Two Termteabell s, museyroom, i accept the four corners of Hip-Hop as my cardinal teachers and rooted pillars of reference for our generation of 76’ers. Cheers to the Warp spasm. Rip roaring alphabutcalendar c❁dex; The low cost snake. Transmitted through vines, chords, snakes and ladders. Passing onlung critical pathways which i believe, MiFOS, to be important for the evolution of our collective critterhood. Wires vines veins knotted DNA. Forest Dublin interpensnett, backtoback from the future, getting into joycevoices "any to any" wake. And giving it a flow. To receive further edits.

Psychotropic-Jazz Poetry
as the obliteration of all semantic traps, shut your traps. Keep your traps shut. ❍pen and you catch something. And the restoration of languages as divine intoxication, poetry as joy. When the earpiece of a total telephone is placed against the mouthpiece it howls. imagine hearing the voices of all your friends and relatives, imagine being able to tune in all these people without a cell phone. He who pays the piper calls the tunes. Without a fucking gimmick! 7billion track infinite-phase dewy-glazed. And then "you" who? My studio accomplice, kind reader, co-creator, cow-crafting anaconda-log, staire-oscopic, RNA. DNA. Jive talk Synthesis. Like Babelfish English into italian by a Spanish child of 5 and then Latin and back to English. Fishy meaning caught running upstream. Fully Exx foleyated.☂

Mold in translation. Moss in your ear ole'. Shhh. Migrate from one group to another, compete, collude, collide, implode, explode, fail, succeed, erase, forge, forget, vanish. To make bandwidth pregnant with novelty. Derg Flaith, "red Ale" and "read Sovereignty, once an 'art of time," but twice an 'art of space." Pootick theft device to awaken Flybrains.

Pimply put it sets in motion purple feedbackstrokes. What if DNA, stimulated by nicotine or dimethyltryptamine, activates not only the emission of Fli-photons which inundate our consciousness in the form of hallucinations, but also the capacity to pick up the photinflash emitted by the global networknet of DNA-based life? Variation, Ξ.s.pecialially a deliberate counterpointcounter betwixt and under the seminatural syntactical order, of rhythm, of speech, and the underlying undulating rhythm rubbing of the metear. The flow. The heart of hello prose, and the kidneys of teletelecommunication. imagine stems, roots, silver birch branches and familiar trees with SΩMA harmonic curryspindunces, imagine rhythmic correspondences and prosodical meters coming out your tweeters. Having all of their blueprints and soft petal sporeprints hung at natures galleryseum spacetime place. The seasons and sherry M❂❂n. Natural forms, natural sources, natural sauces, the seasons the sauce of human knowedge?

The new vine punch jury on Flybonachi sprouts out the electric green jungle swamp. "Molding ratios" and the strange range of attractive nodal cherry blossoms. River Map sources tangy Tribetable mix pasted around elements that compose nature cycles. Phases of Kosmic cycles. These phase frequency modulations growing on a phase-universal scale: Yin yang, the five elements, a universal server, the eight trigrams, the sixty-four hexagrams, the ten stems, the twelve silver birch branches and their stereosc✪pic combinations into the sexgesimal cycle, the TWENTY-FOUR energy Nodes, (jieqi), or the 28 lunar mansions.

The correspondence of the Chinese 13-lunation ritual calendar with six, 64-day cycles, was translated into inklish by Terence Mckenna, maverick of wavetime software. Hidden period ; calender theory, the vinyl sacrifice to reenact the creation of the year. Finding tongues in plants, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in all dogs. In stones and dogs. Fly Agaric Technology And Language - F.A.T.A.L and My own sturdy program leads me unwittingly to the SΩMA priest who draws twelve, or maybe thirteen cups of liquid, which might represent the years gears, turning and oiled. Shifting. Everything above the Sun coming from infinite spaces. The pathway that led me to the Oriental world of tribetablist shamanic langduajing was certainly hidden from mainstream vision, but perhaps there was a way of perceiving it stereoscopically i thought? Where our collective stereo equipment x2. Mushroom slanguagΞ tends to be euphemized, masked, c❁ded, buried in etymologies and even "false" etymologies. False repeats. False starts. Cheats. Copy paste all over your facebook.
“I took the river as it followed its course down to the sea; all i had to do was follow it and i had a poem. - William Carlos Williams.
Nu wyne flowing and bronze Symbals hammered, shaped for sonic characteristics. "Timespace is said by some people to come from the Unlimited unlimited, that is from infinite spacetime infinite timespace" timesplace is not here by herself. Here error is all in the not done, All in the diffidence that faltered" because the four DNA bases appear shaped rather hexagonal (like quartz cheesus crystal, but they each have a slightly different shape. AGCT CAT-G. GUCT. CAT-GUCT. As they stack up on top of each other inside me and my name forming wrongs of a twisted ladder.

Voila Mr. beans-talk. They line up like suspects in the order dictated by the genetic playtext message mobile internot. The DNA doublin helix has a slightly irreguliar, or aperiodick, structure. Philip K. Aperiodick structure. However, this appears to the author not-to-be the case for the repeatrepeat reapeat sequences, DNA becomes a regular arrangement of atoms, a periodic crystal - which could thereby constitute a possible and new function for a part of the so called "junky" DNAccondannalivia plural belle belle belle yesSey. Wild autumn come, autumn twilight, spark up, kick back scentree thinking. Relax - local environs. [in mold we trust] The vinyl secret of the illy. Mix Running timespace approx' 78 earth minutes. A snitchpikers glide into 23 tracks spread about MQ#4 like butter. Recorded on two vestaxi turn-troubles, Tascam mixer, with a phat stack of phonographic i-Discs. Turning Turning Turning.

My greening, a textual greening, screen print of Apollo-nation interpretation: my truth seeking missiles using tracktexTTracking titles. My TribeTables now retrofitted to handle text books and thought police! Synchronistickly a Termteabells just went missing. Hemisemidemiquations. inside a museaum unveiling new ideology, graphic X-language, rhetorick. Seemingly relating All silver birch branches of pseudoscience and art, philosophy and religion together. in mynd. What? A Grounded Unified Field Landscape: GUFL. A whole history of visual ΞtymolΩgy and literary variation from the point of view of an exotic truffle. A trancendental object at the end of tyme. Sparasiss crispa brushed turquoise, magenta to purple haze, natural to regal green ruddy Boletus beytweed, black mirra minor hashish,

Ice Birch deep blue coral fungus ocean of azure Tahoe. Fade blue in my memoria but i am trying. Puffball green tin flash, amber, merald gambosa fade, Sun burnt toast, lavender fade, sparkle swirl, short circuit electric blues, white moire swirly glass, misted frost neopolitan cream, royal blue diamond swirly xanthoderma blueberry, maple fruit fire and burnt, ouch swirlyelloworanga tanned blackswan burst, zebra wood with orange and black cloudcover, cedar teac toxoranga tanned, crillick Birch brazen amanita virosa and whiteyellow, brawn twisted lingreening, tomaat finnash ash monty python acorn cloud rounded brown toffee swirl, Whats these 32 track loops about? Looping. "LOOPY"huh? Timespace machine, built using dynamic sauce material, churning with tribetableurns "The Cantos by Ezra Pound, "Finnegans Wake" by James Joyce, "Coincidance" and "illuminatus" by Robert Anton Wilson. fuel for the engine-map maker you steer to see the paradox of a modern verse epic, a poetic response of a particular FLY llicka' writing from his semihemi strawberry milkshakes perspective. Freethoughtout, throughout freedohm. Freedom attracts historikal forces from the future i bet cha'. Trancending any single consciousness or moment. Dubble dub-plate vinyl slang, slinging Aphex Twin druqz Anna Livia Plurabelle Ambient music for airports Brian Eno Boards of Canada Anna Livia Plurabelle John Lee Hooker Country Boy Cabbage boy sausage doctor Anna Livia Plurabelle Boards of canada, Max 404 oddity Shem the penman Cyril Cussack Pressage The media Miles Davis live at Filmore wednesday Miles Jello Biafra The big ka-boom part one Cabbage boy sausage doctor Anna livia Plurabelle Shobhan Mckenna Timothy Leary Jimi Hendrix Buddy Miles You can be anyone this time around Aphex Twin druqs T.S Eliot East Coker from the four quartets Duke Elington. Sep 2005. USA. Spinning currency seems good for productivity. Flowing free.

Healthy circulation makes for good productivity - goods multiply; wealth increases, health too. We all live a happy good life with abundance and plenty. Our life blood flows free as tree sap and our heart remains strong like oak. Strong like a super-joke. Add a correlative harmony between humanity and nature, spirit of dung and material wealth, mix in eggs, self raising hour (time) and make cozymoss. Above and hello down: smell the corpsemanure of Governments in their IS! Each and every elemental of the mircocousin pull/pushes into re:relation with his corresponding element in the macrocousin. A family affair. How fly sees the shit. Blurred 17-23 vision. TwinkleTwinkle little star. How i wonder what precious metal you are, Terrestrial to the celestial i wonder. Precious my Presshuss parasoil. The power to purchase can never (under the present system) catch up with prices at large. Catch up! Who i$$ue$ it, how? Who blocks the ฿og and why? Seems like world trade organization$ need a collonic.

"So let the Goldenbullshit Fly. A slungwidge record." She whispered into my quivering ear from her tech-support cloud "Perplexing concepts revolve around and around. How to dec❁de the text message based on alogorhythms? Ciphers: The key of holographic poetry. To heaven and hell. Life and death. Built into the messaging text like a temple. Solve the cipher like an equation cipher. Evolve the equation into an assembly manual. Unlock the story. The book interprets itself. 76 Chou "Dead lungwaj". A 32 course meal course. The most widely used alphabetical lungwaj cypher in the world"

32 Lessons...4 high fidelity 33⅓ R.P.M (Re:volutions Per Minute). Long playing records...2.3 full hours of playing space/time...Plus Con:versation Cipher Codex and Uncommon Usage Dictionary (Slanguistic cipher hyperspacetelemachia) Some proof of the quick fire if fishency of the "Dead lungwaj meal" method revolves around this and that and the other stuff grew out of mind-control research by the U.S U.K mind Dr.X. Dr. IS! Like a Gnu-vine decorded and conducted during world war ii, this research was then used to teach foreign lungwajs to overseas-bound soldiers. in fact the man who headed the War Department lungwaj Section - Mr. Ralph R. Weiman - was selected by "Dead lungwaj Meals" to develope and nurture its courses. French, German. Latin. English?

“Naturally the best musicians escape the catagion, a few good artists in any period always do escape, whatever contagion may be prevalent. –Ira Pod, Arnold Dolmetsch.

Dead lungwaj 32 Phase Meal: Vinyl cipher course, you maybe being taught by one of the best methods of speedy lungwaj instruction ever devised! Ever. Here Comes everybody out there ready? Just check out all these advantages which come "free" with "Dead lungwajs. Complete and step-by-step: Congratulations. You have finished the course with your presence You learn the way you learned to speak English! Duh! You see as well as hear: Angels your learn from expert specialist native instructors: Special uncommon lungwaj dictionary provided. Free! Useful, pertinent subject matter: Grammar summary provided at no extra cost:You can "Brush up" at any time: Just drop the needle on the record and drum beats go like this, Save Money. Save Space/Time. Save Earth. Save Usura: Your "Dead lungwaj course" saves you time and money. Of course you have to do your share, slackers. But like the trillions of other "Dead lungwaj" students you should be able to step off a boat or plane and Fly with fluency. Swimmin' widowt mummblin, and with correct accent, inquire about plane and train schedules and any bizzness affairs.

Locull Telepathic internet kafs, liber-Aries and rekkit shops, local weed hook ups, some pretty girls, or matters of pleasure, or pain, if thats wot you iz luckin four. And remeber, the original "Dead lungwaj" courses on 23 ould fsshunned 78 Re:volutions Per Minute, vinyl calendars sold for $23.93. Now through the divine and godly miracle of the Long playing records the same complete 32-lesson "32 course meals" can spin without one word c u t! Not just one iota of quality or technique of tea-ching sacrificed! Not one "Dead corpse" or "drop of wizdom" wasted, Now, for just $13 you can serve up an audio meal for almost any number of listeners, depending upon your satellite, radio, amplification and propogation facilities. Whoa!" i hear you cry. Phoukin hell. Judging from the amount of "Dead lungwaj" students we have had asking and bugging us for extra manuals and ciphers, extra course historical background information, semantical and syntactical operations feedback and all sorts of other dictionAries, translations, acritical acrillick buzzwords. Many people with dissembodied soul's enjoy listening and lurking through Maps/rec.pies/puzzles/calendars italian.

(Dream Time Unknown) 14:11:00. Walking with a group of people around a huge building with many rooms and stairs and halls. Modern and sophisticated looking. Massive windows and huge doors big enough for giants. Robert Anton Wilson was featured on one of the information plaques guiding us around this complex. In a flash i am sitting in a car with John plotting a trip somewhere else entirely; we end up driving about just to ask somebody where we were going. Lakeside housing estate had been re-developed to include large Grey Churches, and huge black slate objects, gothic and pointed like a cathedral. i was inside a house on another tour with a group of people, one of them was Uri Geller who started telling another tale about another house with special objects and people in it. Now we were in a top bedroom, Uri Geller sat in a rocking chair with a hammer in his hands, looking ready to break fingers and balls. i was thinking about green fields and blue skies, trying to make a good, nice image, then the Nine emerged and i awoke.

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