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WiLD PISS. CHAPTER 11. Graff Gas Spore

Book III.
Chapter XI.
"Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals." --Buddha.
Baby Zeus reminds me...
The halo floating above the black child reminds me
Gezeuce was African-Asianish. Fo' sure...

Elves keep busy as we speak. Mice woo the Elves with their squeek. Tiny tinker toy basketball spirits. The nano-technological breakthroughs at the North pole surround them. The royal post service makes lots of money through letters to Jeezus Claus at Christmas time. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer looks sad. What other animal could provide food and notatio nectar to our tribes at ©hristmash? Jesustained Golden maybe-tonic. Food and drink. Merry ©hristmas. Ecstatic midwinter seasonal greetings. flight of the spirit. celebration. Transformation. Good will. Peace and piss. Don't look at the knackers of Gezoss as He climbs down the chimney. Yurts year know. Once went down a hot smoking hole. Roasted my nuts.

Professor ©lement Clark Moore. Genesus has come inside your christmas pudding over centuries. A pagan Santa once got me high on salmon. Hoping GZUS. Reindeer omen. Seedless immaculate Toad chair. Teak cabinet vine at Sun set. Not born single foot. Santa falls SΩMA times. Joy. Peace on earth and godswill it back. Crestmas wonderland. Welcome to Jaysusland. Santa Disney. Merry hill shopping for stockings. Love Cliff Richurch this cutwristmas. Throw logs at the radiator and admire the rising electricity bill. Explosive rhythm. Blow up the clouds and the sky, into space, open the channels and canals out into a semi-circular circus. A celebration of the beyond language arts - PAiNTiNG, MUSi©, SCULPTURE, DANCE

Week Nuclear powered Christmess in the Weast. Joycerwooky cryest loudest. Catholic Sturch. British government. United at Christmas. All cherch/states intermangled with Satan Christmon. A choir of Angels from heaven painted the nativity scenes. Cows. Sheep. Pig's pooped throughout the historic birth of 'gods" sacred Sun . Jesus Joycerwooky shares a similar job description with santa clues. Delivering news gifts. Jewels. Perfume. Grasshopper tin-flash i-pie-fanny. Raindeer. it spurs. Celebrate flower power in Santa's sealskin Cussack. Joseph Kopec. Jingle juice. Sovereign Teatimestable.

Kamachadal elixir. Lick her. Oh World tree. Oh coxmick flaxis. Tribes of koryak. Ostyak. Chukchi. At the center of the world. Bring us Joy and peace. Hermoneycomb. Santa suffered from out of the body experiences. Rudolph Finnegans often spoke of a rude Dolphin. Speaks in clicks, whistles and light. Jezass isoxazoles often come with moosickmole. great Reindeer stomachs unify eyebrowtonic "ibotenic' acid to make their noses glow bright cherry's and power up Telepathic Outernet. Nobody can believe the paradox it seems. Either about all propositions or not. Mushrooms sprout without seeds. No wires with wires. Why.

LyfCap Museyroom growing around Fun-gloss Graves. Phyla jam ambrosia realized, recycled and Golden thread sewing seed nectar. Amber honey. Runnymeade spreading corn seed, bread money, heads of Barley, Up she was Up here with her. Sing praises to the fairest of em all mickamackamagnus McLenny bruised, she, Valley wedge crop protecter, Mary Mum mag lite the lane as we sew sour berry sweet story and weave stitches in time and bring nine dogs with nine bricks in hods, falling into Adammonscabin-tomb with a view, broom to sweep the Foley Room. Soon resurrect our noble Alder berry-Moon, honeymead and banners around the maypole 1st' maypole, axis-Ribbon, Axis of GOOD RNA messengers, runnymeade wound axistao monday 'tchewzdei Opus focus on Samhain iris trees, Novememeber meme in the beer, sweet "V" for vendetta cauldron Ash hazel holly Yew smashed potatoes and st. Johns blackthorn banks of the stour bitter or mild.

Pure light of bliss, clear light of piss Piston cycling and verbotoon twisting pure pure, what pure, who's essence? Yoshi Yoshi mario seer, Annaliviannaconda-Coincidance of cuntfairyeez. Kosmic Aboriginal sneeze, The teletoldus we're telenoid. So i made GUCT ∑ to see clearly. Now Astrologikwickly. Avatar very mush from the nasal passage of Bill the Bogyman. Stuck with Bogs. Pouch. Pook. Sluggish English Eyelashings severed AkrilliQ four twenty, posted Fly ArgariQ re:hashing swing-set assembliss songs for Womble Lee stadiohm. Chomping-ions spitting pinion and spitting the atumik flax seed at hyper-light speed. Wheeling a barrow of marrow for tomorrow Matthew Michael wrote the motor boat ashore, shored notes, desert island seals. A Hairy Loo seat for uncle Charles to sit on.

“Consider the Tale of the Tribe as an alternative form of scripture. Which form’s of alternative scripture seem appropriate for the 20th Century? And which for the 21st?“ --Robert Anton Wilson. Recorsi TTOTT. 2005.

imagine if apple computers were called Mushroom computers. Apollo's mushroom instead of an Adam's apple? Sea saw P2P door sloppy dark mutter. Cavern fighter, through rock-tombs stinky woid heaven. Shaven hayvern hidden like Bin Laden'$ B☠shy beard, in a secret sweaty cave. Malvern Hill knockers, heaven helps with seven steps and rainbow kisses Pine and Apple. Culpo de Dido! refraction and complexion with an air of completion, totalitea drunk down and resurrected wonder, mind on axis wonder, where, who, how spacetime grids adhere to art gallery shows, and Bloody Mary, summers on a rooftop, picking up book-lynnnames reading Lennon washing brain with Fenollosa's

Chinese written characters, the Goddess alphabet versus and waltzes and dances harp-master, robutter celt sound-system. A barn dance three stepping stone, trinitea brew Positron, Electron, neutral-tron and Tommy Tronic tonic Guinness space invaders any thought vessel, freestyle writing coordinates encircle my dΩme plate ➘ corn-in-the-tomb wonder bread, schmudged jug of ale, Golden door nails, cut and spill juice, then sprouting fungustus in a rain forest nearby, by berry Christmusky smells, rotting verbage, mucky single 12" jungle bells of New York. Mystic biscuits in hand, three ears of CORN, a reaper to bring the year to sing to HER a hymn. High me!

The great grit grand She brings the Yearning, Gaia, yes Mu₥₥er me, me mom, she germinates the seed and dudly Sunny gym and sister wordsley all in the sleight, o'er muntinns and lumpost boxes, curbwinders and wind tunnel traps, shops and hops locked off other than cumin out their tups, tap tap, drumstix clatter shockin mastergarment entangle bramble meant cement drive 7 wheel rainbow Bridge constructer, cycling encircle jerk off radio. To Her the season sister, She provides space in silence upon the empty wind, me sixteen feet under in an Oak box, the TOR, Tarot rotation nation on a platter-head pussycrow of King$, seasons Tailsinn, bard king and priest kraft, Oiye! who stole the priestcraft from peace loving Thothers and sisters, Awake! Painters and artisanz Frescoz, craft folk sleeping?

when did the political military brute blow their flute and stick their ugly foot threw my straw hoot livin on ginger-root to root word etymology, why shy i be, shyerwhyr, fearless fungal phalloides, poetic intoxication and resurrection through a whiff of Whisky M'T at a funeral rite. RotaTerm saga over larger swiggin' and puffed up skunk packed jam sacks. POP like comic book balloon bubbles. Timecountedtrick cauldrons running coldkut' connudrumz tummuz tammez Japan again a Bran O Bronto Clontarf Pint, Half Millennimum Point Crown jarlskognosy escape Dillinger Dancefloor devastation, bubblynn brooks in the bogs and i'm blathering wearing tongue-sun cheynmail roaring to go into hyperflight, into hyperlight and the nights Temple.
the beast with a hundred legs, USURA --Ezra Pound.
Salmon and Gold rings inside post box box. inebriation and evolution get combined through metaphysickness. Flyer out my box. Self raising myself, combed and combined with a current natural self soul, in the flesh flie feeds and needs to reflect higher tone, with singing wings, all frequinoxy waves "My ego" might not be able to flow, flowflow. Talk of years ago and lost paradise wounded rewound and dumfound land [nice] but hey, Climb the Mount ∍ spin that wheel, throw the dicebox, spin that Ching! like a Musketear watch me building Bridges, unpaid, constructing solutions. Builderbrothers Build your own grow-rooms like you wood build your own burgur, with relish. Fli-Photographs reposted to my neurocortex.

Her smooth honeycombed beesknees. My Dunne cow. Bog and god and good all mud in Lye town; inhabit-ants labeled the mud people by English German monarchy and the Bog was my close to my birth place. Closer as my childhood haunt. As a yob nipper i fished for naughts and Nulls in the Pondlife in my red wellingdone boots and listened to willingpalayed flutes and reeds grow, Slack country berries, vines, ivy, hazel, Willow, Whispers on the wind, faces in the rain and in the fluffy little clouds, still blowing in my child's ear orbs, my thirsty ear for novelty. Pick up your pens and talk tapes and laptops and write till you drop, let it go. Dont stop! Go out more often, green hermints! Breath better, deeper, don't smoke so much. get a ruddy bong bro. inhale the Knu woid and then Stop. Warme. It seems ill striving against the stream.

Bezerka. Ode to HER - the wind swept boggy hills and chocolate fudge hedgerow Sun set, hedgehog heads and Slack country cats, ode to musket nuzzlers and Muscaria trumpetears. Likkle miniture trumpet playing fairies hidden up my arse sing lofty prayz. Hark! Winter solstice and saturnalia turning seasonal verse. Universe turning waltzing-zing. Tang tongue. Ching Ming mixung Seasons song. Polyspoores from alan words spin enlightenment Watts in Hertz web dew. Catch a dream thought before it goes invisible-content again. Phantoms in the why-back machine. Water willowyellowcups scoop up bits of the painting like scooping arcylick paint OFF the surface to finnish. To finnish the picture-poem painting hanging in rowan spice. Mountains are Feminine. Obelisks male. And Nayme appears but seemingly not as the thing, name games the name and i wear a turbine triple jet thrusted plant of powerflower Ammonite on my Avant Head-band.

W and water, women, wet words, water wave and wow wee wet and water running dribble just a pebble in the W Wave weather solution, weather waves wash windy ways weather waves wish womenwater wet the head of our baby-logic (3 years young) whispers to whichever weather storm you form in, whichever witch wicker winding window you be. Bee unitea. Witch side of triplicity Goddess WWW and a wild world women with witch wound wood waterbaby yes, with W "Eye" insectarian wish on a waterworld web and whatever remains with the pregnant "NOW" seems sewn threaded and knotted locked; keywhole holoqueenox. 123. Love laughs a locksmiths. Pride and reek of ponging weak & strong semicircular solutions, the canals. Crescent city whales released back to ocean by Katrina? equals W. Look at the Word. W has the meaning "Mountain" in Chinese. W has the form of a ripple or WAVE pattern in nature. W double-you Yoshi Yoshi, slug helix longridge lungwitchway pathgraph painter sandwich with wonderful wild berries, deep purple plum jelly paste, glue, grime-binding.

Fly wave. [hello] grapefleshwhine Time wave weaving and woven wooly jumper Z'juice fruits. Four Gold red leaf book-bound to happen, bound to Dover, bonded whorehouse nation. Bluebirds stenciled in white chalk canvas, "UP" letters burning off walls, Lords of Hyroglyfeetea letters wait. brewing mandrake, henbane, Egyptian blue water Lilly and John and jove the ship to Venus. She waves her wrists [goodbye] and whispers wunce more "illson illson". Where art thou? Willson? Colynn, Pether, Rubort wyde web, witch words can you put 2 WWW that equal meaning as heavy huh. Huh. All words and lungwaj came from nature.

Graves and books of trees awake yes. Documents on scribble printed trees hold nations to their knees, embargo and Public policy spelling politicks ✔ jumping on Gold plated pogo stix, jumping loons in the Senate, commons and U.N committee. Sinn it Live and i'm sad. Bloody leaders driving diamond studded Hummers through slums, over angel-bums. Billion dollar drum rolls and Footballs-hit diversions, excursions and expensive executive "manager" diversions to "get your hands in another wo/mans pie" such cheeky fronts and rowma-berry gothic type fonts, Roman catholick, Jesuit spies your forgiven. Stop now for Christ Buddha Krishna's sake stop. And who was Finn McKewl, all of em? Non-local yoke yoga Joker > hologrammummy god of word woid webbs to come, thighs to make you cum Brumm, sings to come again, woid birth in poetic hempi-semi Tombs of Mind, resurrected in Egyptian Ceremoney rites, high Row-Micheal-Glyphs.

A boat a shore fo' sure, Books (shored) Beat generation amore' through-door, still banging drums with hyperspatial chizelpod pens and grizzly project GORE. Blue book songs played in a jazz fashion while smoking bongs. Get lost in white sands, look Jazz hands. Get lost in deepforest telle eve classics. Yes musiq revolution. Knu arts and crafts yes! use these rafts avoid drafts to war.

Birth your craftyraft down a River runnymead valley. Stop @ the revolution. Lice and listen, pigs eat their own litter, abstain. Cannibals of America and Europe and China seem to be eating their litter to me. Waste Management? Raps of rich honey sweets. Candy Wrapper Store. Beehive Birch M'apple-huasca and blossomly impossible facts faced with masked bandit brains shooting "fnord" signifier punditoes - 10'000 footnotes, pot twisted turntribalism spun and flung to the net for peace! Borso! Order? Web weaving wave carrier plump net jets, a rewinding Dj knu argarik mix tape from 96 [it's happening again] and the iNDUSTRY why Hip Hop sucks and stunts the growth of indus-tree's.

In 1993 i had a "Quest" vision bass and drumz and cid. Metalheadz and turbines rolling, grinding teeth of gears crunching and munching metal giants. Spindle tape trooper metallick wulf-town industree's turning metalicka. Hot smoking stax of waxtribal-steel revolving at 45 RPM. Seal/calendars Steel cylinders. Hubba bubba buddha mandala twisting steelBridge and Millingham, Cow turkey baconham farms, Pembroke and Pendragooknee fixed up Council statements wounded Dudley silent but cunning and all spinning spun fragmented breakbeats, Winstons "Amen" breaks and Beautiful incredible Bongo Apache breaks. Hopi-Zunni-Breaks and Windjammer Hops hip to flask, apollinate the past, brewed into Musky track titles.

Google eye-bulls into top lids, kick hat snare back2back, get up and ride the metalick wave of the future tech synth sample pitch shift dub wize digital rising mechanic army of brickbat poets, who can call digital trax organic? new fragmented DJ chops into the Ogult and uncle EZ. esoteric audio dressed in a macintosh rootriddim manuals for constructing GNU vision-age earth city spaces and Revolutionary backlights consisting of Muskatears Wave/Dantales Page 308. [shudder, what deadly loom] Look at the Musketeer and Figa Acrillic.

(Dream Time Unknown) 22: 02: 07 (Thursday). in a glass metal high rise skyscraper building in the clouds at some hi-tech corporate headquarters i'm talking with somebody who does not show their face. Carefree i gaze out the glass window at the clouds and notice a strange grey shadow drifting into focus from out the fogged distance, it got closer and closer; a fucking F16 U.S fighter jet fighter spinning at a strange angle; twisting and rotating in all directions, all in slow motion, slowly drifting towards us. Suddenly full of fear i step backwards and then start to run out office door to the stair well. The Airplane strikes the glass and steel building with a terrible crash, inrush of air, then rubble and smoke pour out from the ceiling and fall like bits of confetti, some in slow motion, spinning and twisting through the air. Much like a scene from towering inferno or the Plane plot 2001. i stare down the stair-well through the smoke and debris, a daunting image in awaits me, a labyrinth of broken steps mangled handrails and sizzling electrical cables await like snakes to bite and kill me with electric force. Like a Gotham Batman Movie landscape at the end scene. i jump up and out, sliding down metal rails and jumping gaps like a rubble surfer, all the way down to the basement.

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