Friday, July 18, 2008

World Piss. Some 21st Century Fly links. 28 Rapglo 29 Rapshow

I Have performed music as - DJ Fly Agaric 23 - alongside and upon stage with: Alan Hertz, Eric Levy, Kai Eckhardt, Fareed Haque, Rasaki Aladokun, Benny Rietveld, Leo Nocentelli, Reggie Watts, Bernie Worrel, Bobby Vega, Ray White, Liam Hanrahan, Gregory James, Barry Schul, Will Bernard, Robert Walters, Dezon Clairborne, Adam Theis, Alex Poppovics, Craig Easley, Arlen Schierbaum, Sam Flott, MC Smooth, Scot Burg, New Flesh, Fuzz Townsend, Tal Morris, Carlos Washington, Rita Theis, John Herrara, Al Howard, Brian Jordan, Michael Bluestein, Surinder Sandu and CHU.

Most of these shows were in the USA between 2001 and 2005 while touring with GARAJ MAHAL at such events as JAZZ FEST 2002, HIGH SIERRA Music festival 2002/2005, and regular gigs up and down the coast of CALIFORNIA. Many live shows of me playing are available to hear on internet such as in NYC 2004, for Example! Here are some random reviews of musical collaborations that resulted in an album artefact, that i have been credited upon:

Add guest performances by the awesome Robotic E.B.U., Out of Order, Crack Monkey (first heard on New Flesh's b-side "International Network"), DJ Paul Weston and drummer Fly Argaric and you've got an album to reckon with.--

“Bicycling in Bombay” more deeply thumps its bass and drum, an evocative belly dance between Haque’s guitar and turntable scratches from DJ Fly. --
There's even some turntable work from DJ Fly that adds subtle accents to the band's percolating performances. Warning: Parental Advisory: Contains explicit lyrics. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Fusion), total running time, 71:10 --



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