Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Empathy machine

empathy machine

awaiting a new 911?
when the carnage comes home to roost
all rational thought and suspended
judgement is, suspended
until further notice
the philosopher poet
humanitarian sits weeping
no words for such killing
only to repeat what others
have said before endure
such times

about 15 years ago started looking
into causes of war to oppose same
back then it was exposure
if only the people could see
the evidence, read the documented
evidence on the contrary

to oppose reasons for going to war
evidence of the war profiteers
tales of double crossing
lies and going into business
greed retribution and religious
perceived infallibility

15 years later the people, today
may have all the evidence in front
of them, whizzing by on the feed
freely available on the web,
only a google search away

if some of the most the most
learned and technologically
advanced are still making war
killing more and more people
faster and faster, becoming
omni lethal, what does that say
to you?

i have seen enough
progress of the unrestricted
finance capitalist military
industrial media complex
to plead, through this word
a new direction

this map is not my black country
nor west midlands or england
not my great britain or europe
not my continent, not my rule of
law, not my idea of civilization
and yes, i have a few...

the first must be to stop the wars
stop the manufacture and trade of
weapons worldwide, but how?
it starts with the word
symbol systems and driving home
a message of compassion and
empathy with others

to radiate understanding and
give fierce blessing upon all
in every direction
so practice philosophy and
trans-personal exercise

migrate from one side of
an argument to the other
and move beyond duality
into a third, think of multiplicity
the middle way of peace
peace comes of communication
write back to the empire

we require a new story
a new chapter in alternatives
to weaponized superstate futures
dominated by the bomb business
all sides loose together with those
not on any side

Steve Fly 23 Acrillic Figa