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RAW Joyce Quaternions & Hologlyfly

Language vs. The Equation?
Language as Class Warfare?

In 1944, Nobel physicist Erwin Schrödinger added the next block to the definition of I2, in a book called What is Life? Schrödinger noted that everything in the universe, except life, follows the Second law of Thermodynamics in moving steadily toward maximum entropy (which for our purposes we can define loosely as chaos or incoherence.) Life, however, moves in the opposite direction: toward higher organization, greater coherence, negative entropy. In the next few years, almost simultaneously, Claude Shannon of Bell Laboratories and Norbert Weiner of M.I.T. realized that the information in a message could be mathematically expressed as negative entropy. --Robert Anton Wilson, Higher Intelligence Increase.

JJ - James Joyce
FW - Finnegans Wake
...- Page Number.
BOLD edit by Steve fly.

holocryptogam,--JJ, FW, 546.

with his sinister cyclopes after trigamies and
spirals' wobbles pursuiting their
rovinghamilton selves and godolphing in fairlove to see
around the waste of noland's browne jesus 4
(thur him no quartos!)--JJ, FW, 300.

Part one of RAW's book Coincidance starts with a piece called SYNCHRONICITY AND ISOMORPHISM IN FINNEGANS WAKE. And features an essay: THE PHYSICS OF SYNCHRONICITY (pg. 147), that I believe criss-cross with study of the New Physics and the possible, most probable, I deduct, Holographic Universe model of 'reality' 'consciousness' and 'Synchronicity' as defined by Dr. Wilson, in the language Cybernetics and Neurologic.

dictited to of all his
little brothron and sweestureens the first riddle of the universe:
asking, when is a man not a man?: telling them take their time,
yungfries,--JJ, FW, 170

me there title to where was a hovel not a havel (the first rattle of
his juniverse) with a tingtumtingling and a next, next and next--JJ, FW, 231.

The tasks above are as the flasks below,
saith the emerald canticle of Hermes and all's
loth and pleasestir, are we told, on excellent
inkbottle authority, solarsystemised,
seriolcosmically, in a more and more almightily
expanding universe under one, there is
rhymeless reason to believe, original sun. Securely
judges orb terrestrial. 4 Haud certo ergo.--JJ, FW, 263.

My in risible universe youdly haud find
Sulch oxtrabeeforeness meat soveal behind.
Your feats end enormous, your volumes immense,
(May the Graces I hoped for sing your Ondtship song sense!),
Your genus its worldwide, your spacest sublime!
But, Holy Saltmartin, why can't you beat time? --JJ, FW, 419.

rather let the whole ekumene
universe belong to merry Hal and do whatever his Mary well --JJ, FW, 440.

Bold bet backwords. For the loves of sinfintins! Before the
naked universe. JJ, FW, 624.

From wikipedia: High level summary: HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE.

The physical universe is widely seen to be composed of "matter" and "energy". In his 2003 article published in Scientific American magazine, Jacob Bekenstein summarized a current trend started by John Archibald Wheeler, which suggests scientists may "regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals."

Unexpected connection

Bekenstein's topical overview "A Tale of Two Entropies" describes potentially profound implications of Wheeler's trend in part by noting a previously unexpected connection between the world of information theory and classical physics. This connection was first described shortly after the seminal 1948 papers of American applied mathematician Claude E. Shannon introduced today's most widely used measure of information content, now known as Shannon entropy. As an objective measure of the quantity of information, Shannon entropy has been enormously useful, as the design of all modern communications and data storage devices, from cellular phones to modems to hard disk drives and DVDs, all rely on Shannon entropy.

In thermodynamics (the branch of physics dealing with heat), entropy is popularly described as a measure of the "disorder" in a physical system of matter and energy. In 1877 Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann described it more precisely in terms of the number of distinct microscopic states that the particles composing a macroscopic "chunk" of matter could be in while still looking like the same macroscopic "chunk". As an example, for the air in a room, its thermodynamic entropy would equal the logarithm of the count of all the ways that the individual gas molecules could be distributed in the room, and all the ways they could be moving.

Energy, matter, and information equivalence

Shannon's efforts to find a way to quantify the information contained in, for example, an e-mail message, led him unexpectedly to a formula with the same form as Boltzmann's. Bekenstein summarizes that "Thermodynamic entropy and Shannon entropy are conceptually equivalent: the number of arrangements that are counted by Boltzmann entropy reflects the amount of Shannon information one would need to implement any particular arrangement..." of matter and energy. The only salient difference between the thermodynamic entropy of physics and the Shannon's entropy of information is in the units of measure; the former is expressed in units of energy divided by temperature, the latter in essentially dimensionless "bits" of information, and so the difference is merely a matter of convention.

The holographic principle states that the entropy of ordinary mass (not just black holes) is also proportional to surface area and not volume; that volume itself is illusory and the universe is really a hologram which is isomorphic to the information "inscribed" on the surface of its boundary [6]. --

Please visit For solid background information detailing an introduction to NEW PHYSICS in FINNEGANS WAKE.

And let every crisscouple be so
crosscomplimentary, little eggons, youlk and meelk, in a farbiger
pancosmos. With a hottyhammyum all round. Gudstruce !
Yet is no body present here which was not there before. Only
is order othered. Nought is nulled.--JJ, FW, 613.

part so ptee does duty for the holos we soon grow to use of an
allforabit.--JJ, FW, 19

The great fact emerges
that after that historic date all holographs so far exhumed
initialled by Haromphrey bear the sigla H.C.E.--JJ, FW, 32.

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"Reality, Joyce learned early, does not answer to the "point of view," the monocular vision, the single ascertainable tone. A tone, a voice, is somebody's, a person's, and people are confined to being themesleves, are Evelines, are Croftons, are Stephens. "Some of my methods," Joyce later said, "are trivial; and some are quadrivial." At the very least, on the model of two-eyed men, reality exacted a doubling: in the earlier fictions, a double attitude, which Ulysses divides into a double narrator of whom one member has a repertory of impersonations. -- Hugh Kenner, Beyond Objectivity, Joyce's Voices.

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