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ORD PaSS. CHER 9. Gyre of Bohr's Cat Chasing Ducks.

Chapter IX.
"Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around." --Terence Mckenna.
The operation of bicycles, tricycles, wind-powered diamond vehicles, and every possible excuse to PLAY outside. Why are our children receiving algebraic dreamares from backward dominator science alliances, and a "no fun or play" g☠vernment in the Wes₮€ast that have built themselves up and carefully, with funding aimed at Killingry and then deployed, dropping the AT☠MiC b☠mb. (Built in the West deployed in the East) Can we question the math of death. Think about it. Who owns the symbol systems, who DEALS them and H☠W do they distribute? Have you ever studied thinking with a Buddhist of Taoist teacher? Do you consider that spiritual rather than scientific?

The banks of rich Rivers wynd and turn, snaking across earth like veins in a leaf. Quiet rivers have flowery banks. Acroxx timespice and acrust scale "nature appears self similar across scales" from Pike to Pices; magnified beans, dirty socks and bicycle clips, quasars, chips and peas and all things greasy. He-man Threw dice to decide which country was his home, a dog escapes with the dice and now they're buried somewhere, somewhere in the back yard with his bone. Now i'm still like a stone, no place place that's my home, Under my skull d☠me, in a cosmosphere without fear, I-Ching wayfaring - a confused dice man, searching for decent translations of the four classic CHINESE books, bound as one! in the garden reading Joycerwooky with a single malt on ice, Man, he was cool and yet futuristic, Hip and Hopeful, (Tip Tip) sick and doubtful of his word

All words easy come easy blow. With Rotten breath becomes a breath of fresh air. The mountain never smelt of just roses, the River rushing, winding cut breakwater stinky and the wind cries Mary. Morganstirred waters churning bluack with red freckles, Sun spots dancing water. Surface tension surfaces. Surfs inside my hearts pipes within red beets. America appears divided by the great wall of China, PetroDollars roll on a road to china, riddled with tax cops and big guns beating big drums full with blood and oil. Two coolers -

Write whats left? Right - left brain, to see; your vine must combine labour with conservatism, a bloody stained Ocean of repuBlicratocrillic gaze. Now Brown.The imperial penis winks as Venus bats her darkand deadly slytrap eyelids, the king of the wood gets a woody watching young girls flashing apricot booty, Argicider smeares me and my boughs of Gold with poison crimSun flashes and flower swirls, paisley winged mothmen flutter down and pour out love juice all over marmalade skies, such secret longings cannot be sketched. Eye sing myself into being through a Cronenburg ode.

Ode to Toad, ode to floy, ode to criminals who i ode my lyf. Ezconomic solutionaries. Wassoni and Wyf and then Went down through the valleys grey twisted gorge to where Maria Sabina got the banker pissed and turned his trickle down theory into a spray-whited Riverrunning pattern on the ceiling. Ever since Leary sailers heard Wassoni tales in LIFE magazine! And so epics and finnian acrillocycles of whales and ocean journeys 20'000 leagues under the weight of messaging texts. Harvard Cannibal O☠Bridge.

Rumble of thunder from New Directions. ➶ Godz re:animated with sloppy flesh and interactive blooks of the cloudead bardo, my tech support cloud that follows me around around. if money does not grow on trees why does it appear that the pacific lumber company remains so financially well off? who cuts the toffee. Who pours the coffee? The crest from the west written bold in the snow. World Piss turned Hoffmans bicycle into a bright custom bus, and the grape flesh wave tumbles from coast to coast to coast to coast; yellow Sun shine cults, anti-professor. Anti-matter. Orange Sun shine dawning for my whirring writing. Golden tie dyedic cyclones.

A lush Nuiew Lilly Bowie transformation, purple lightning Z's. A dead Jimi Jopplin spangled breakfast in spunish. Loud over banners, tin-flash of razzle dazzle pearl, an atomic boob deployed within the subconscious continental cabinet of Moo, its either oppenheimer or Wasson, this cloud ploughing wants YOU! To boil the stew. So, i dived in naked and swam across the Atlantic ocean of blue, without porpoise or seal of approval, just a dollfinn kick and a butterfly'd mind true, purrring beneath my wings. if my lungs fill, grow a gill then i come again, like a torpedo bard i swim toward the new world bone-yard. i paint fun on bombs and sink prattle ships on my journey west, getting off Dharma Bums. Finally i surface. Up out the white grape surf awake and covered from foot to mouth in seaweed. Kelp me, i need a fruiting body.

Sunrose over the River, Over the ring road, over the supermall. And the women in the Moon still smiles. They dance for you. Universe spinning, hope it dont spin off its axis. Couch surfin USA on a board with yellow mustard toned cushins and covered in wild paisley willow patterns. Repaying my couch karma slowly. Every wind from my dreams bend the willows on my pillow like dropping eyebrows. i cook twenty spud dishes in a week and i'm still hungry couch surfin potato USA gets me nowhere fast. i cry for stour River of poverty. No fortune, no poetry, but with the names of compassion stuck in the back of my throat i sing myself into being here. At least, i throw up despicable lies from my inner ego scriptor and share my thought embers. A mid Atlantean explorer. Trutube. indifferent to riches, power and influence. i steal in the hope that others will follow. All property maybe theft. Officers may apprehend them at the fords, good luck. Deerunk on catpee to pear juices.

Who neglected my friends, neglected myself and reflected the means, to my own ends, threaded myself roun islands and bends winding drunken without care or pity. Great to be drunk to be great to be good, the world looks so pretty as nothing. Neighborhood friendly Flyderman's the tits, the vaginata sonata in a jump suit. Spining a Web deW underground. Web deW. like your brain on LSD. 2.3 A myceilium network then, underground ressistancein solidarity with Terence, sporting F.A cup highlights from the lower-lights. Gills aloud. Big Flippin' lung capacity, literally swim rings. Put out fires set with sparke's. Catch quarks in misty parks with Mr. Mark.

Fisherman hook a spider on their hook hopping to catch a Flies to catch a salmon. Ego scriptor tearing linear tearing textual fibers torn from the gnawing teeth of giant giants, throwing up a poison image, all over your aluminium rimmed black leather chair. Many and all merry and horny one horned one footed walking penis from venus. Swimming through watergates and nine locks and to the chainmakers, to make a key to unlock my footlocker and sprint home for lunch. Upstream with the salmon i kick, pull, kick-stretch and accelerate upwards and outwards like a fountain of air from a whale; escape velocity, escaped that brutal authority of gravity in time for tea and cake, escaped all reason and concept of season, escaped the dollars and pounds and yen, but yet again its all talk its like a bloody squark, freestyle and unbounded tech support poem surrounded, ink from my pen to stop trouble, burst a barbaric ink dot bubble net knot and a trip to finally learn the double crotch stitch that brings the Nine.

So, i throw up an image all over your whiskey-nut red-death sucking face. Hungry for new woids. A hungry ghost on the prowl garound grey fungus gravestones, looking for the voices of my ancestors. Typing through the night to the temple town. Philosphy yes? Champagne no. Switch that. Let it come down.

Let it pour out. Rain drops Pitter patter around -
Melt Jackson's vibrphone home.
Clear blue sky of July 05.
Lightning in the daytime pool. Mind pool
California mountains, California, California, California...

To be Jungfleur perceptions angular, aerospace engineer, i can make flowers bloom in triangular patterns in the shape of a mouse ear if i want. Or juss' sit by the riverside drinking from a fount singing this Lament of a Groan Man smoking a Sherman. No lamb just mint. Hint Hint. From hour to there you listen and hear the Bronx cheur from the folks that give ear n' eye to Jogleur the Juggleur, spayking clear as a king. Even after a beur or three, or seven other relative instruments. Jungfleur shows no fear of hell nor of heaven. n'J after class. Rah, Rah, Rah! Rest in Discord RAW!

Coincidance Hall Tea Joint passes a year in a single tear. Strong heart of a red deer. Smiling in a nation of racial profiling, harmonica harmony for humanica, solar symphony. TJ mossy software engineer. Shaman of the world and your gentle to your mum.

Shaman to turn New York into Amsterdam. Amstel-stour? Bard Tea Joint the jolly financier of words, pioneer volunteer for Humanica, joining hearts and minds together forever and ever for allmen, and women. Got a cauliflower ear from my days playing Rugby with Ruby. You put the verb stem in, you take the ending out, At the last frontier getting young wonderers into freewheeling gears for the whole worlds rising day, the world premier of the third seer. No Slaves, No Tyrants, No Discord. Tea Jabba metallurgical engineer.

The nine gods of Egypt descended from eleven. This Sweet story weaves nine stitches in timespice, and brings nine dogs with nine tales up in hods to the fifth floor. See rectanguleur and sleep away with me under the sheeps; you dimensional meddling little bus stand! Who's the author, who's the author. Swimming upstream pink turning Golden teak. Here's summert condensed history HSTY of $wimming pools, Capitalism and Con.sailors in community. its finnished? strange future edits afoot. English ar wydely con.sidered fust m✆dem Society to develoop $wimmin' to unloop quantum gravy tea in my GUT's. All war as a sport and Poiklitics as a relaxing pass time. Politics as a soggy sour tea bag tale. Ar bin terested in swimmin & splish sposhin' Cashin sports.

Riffy Cash scams bore me dryland based libconbore politikx. Bourgeoisee yow Bore me,,,April 1, 1974: Mosh up a' former cownty borough of Deadde-ley, wiv the Burroughs of Alesowing And flouridge. Button the market p2pull "vote" With their own wonga tickets. And so them's with mowa wonga get mowwa "votes" inherited, or wage layba produced survival tickets Ou cares? Arf soaked public lyke brainbathed fish them vaguely aware ov the cut in which they swim.
"Sovereignty is a bride, the server of a powerful drink, and the drink itself -- Hakim Bey
Ar bin Golden at the 2012 oilixpix 1837: Fust paddlin comps wuz eld' in London's splashin' pools. July 1967: Deadley concill ban us yokles swimmin' in Lodge Farm reservoir - known as the Rezza - because swimmers were becoming obstructions to boats on the water. July 20th. 1967: Pablo Neruda receives the fust Viareggio-Versile prize. 1987: Sourbridge Swimming Club wuz demolishevelled by Mudley Clownsilly Cuz it was well riffy, they replaced it wid' a leisure pond making business for the new Dudley Leisure Pyramid Corp. Lies and political deception back then too. Un-investment industry industry. Very noyse pool, but unsuitable fur competitive swimming. 7th January, 1869: furst meatin' of Amateur Slimming Association. 4th June, 1901: StourBridge Floetry Club founded as Pablo Picasso shows his paintings in Paris for the fust tyme/ They feet. acrobats, Harlequins, prostitutes, beggars, scrubbas and artists. Deslumber 31st 2005: Untied ingdΩme giz o'er Her presidensea ov the Con.cill ov Eurobeen Onyin. 2nd August, 1900: Foundrynation stone of NowourBridge.

Public Baths wuss laird by isaac Nash. Bath water come owt of a sacred well cut in the local sandstown. Glass industree also cut from very same sandstone. Annual subscription fix'd at fiyv shillyns, Just 25 pence, a bargain for a 12 yer old kid Werkin 60 hours a wik for just 2.d in a dirty fucking death mine. 1939-1945: stay-open-bridge baths closed fur the public due to Word War ii. 17th May 1923: Stourbridge Open air Swimming baths open's. At 3:30 P.M on the 31st December 2005, Brierley Hill Leisure Centre was Closed. Due to crooked political conspiracy. Now called the "Dud Met Con." An electoryall boundary and a divizion widin a horse pickle. I was the last human being to swim in that pool. This is how a swimactivist was born.

1894: Brierley Hill comes an urban di.strict. Under the yocal yobernment Akt ov 1894. 2008: 23 Olympic sized cuts in the YUK. inkland 15, Scotland 4, ireland 2 and Wales 1. 1 iz under con.struction at the Merry' Hell shampooing center. Poiklitics seems lyk a pools lottery in 2008 An Oilympic Pool size: 25m wyd. Depth ov 2.0m minymum. 50m in length, while the 25m width allows for 8 laynes; each 2.5m whyd With an extra 2 spaces of 2.5m wyd outside oss rowds 1 and 8. 2.5 x 8 tracks = 20m + (2.5m x 2) = 25m in total as before and between the years 1896 and 1906, women could'nt participate in Oilympic gairms cuz.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin eld firmly to the rumpant conservative Dogma of the Victoryian eara, that women wuz too frail to engage in competitive sports. i lyke competition in the cut. i lyke fun sports. Yet privatization wud not never ever resalt in tru competition if a natural monopoly exists wool it? Your Scrumpin' our orchards! Conlablibortive NLP talktics: Slaving urbanite slungwaj Sub-contracts with very precise Gaffers waffle. Programming and merciless marketing kings. Oral exploitaters. Sex workers.1960: British boyernment's Beeching Axe hijacks the costs ov running the British tram system by pullin' The plug on what them considered to be unprofitable riffy" railway lyons. Like Dudley MBC pulled the plug on me and called the police too when i tryed to save Brierley Hill swimming baths single handedly.

Leonardo Da Banshee wrote about flow of water in Rivers, 'nd ow flow was deflected by various obstacles in er' row'd. Ow ya transfurring propertea from public ownership to private merchant ownerships? And/or, both/and transfiguring the monagemint of a service or activitea from an arf soaked gaffernment...To the private pocket secta, Who issues it, ow? Rekkids set crooked With some Deadley parish accense 1917: S.F.C Motto crafted upon the Sewervative Coat of donnies. Bridge and 2 Gold 'n froots, Gold Fleace suspunded by black Chains of Skin and Leather Dressing LTD. Chayn Cable industries, and them hanging sheeple. '1 heart, 1 why', i might as way be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. Singleness of mind and Purpoise.

Mode us! To steer, sheepherd, pilot, escort, swimmer. 1 pool, 3 million folks. No wey serviam. Are yow billdin pools in iraq for babee lovers that yow liberated? March 1990: After many swummers protest throughout Hatchers layt 1980's With signs and LOUD chanting. Grystal pleasure Centre wuz born. Reopened conplete wid gravy-tea machine, ellefonts TOE. Bondi beach beats and a Non-competitive Swimming Punn'd Without room for spectating. Will a swimmer be free'd from yampy chains ov Capitalist slavewind in dudley? when they docked away our baths for them's private pools, private betting and private gaming crackers? signed Britomartis Triton Leucothoea Posedawone Ph.d [WORLD CLASS START QUALiFiER].

How can i explain these audio experiences from memory? High i'm Sara; 400 miles long my body stretches. My waist ranges between 40 and 70 miles wide. i swing to the west. Near to my eastern thighs are Several peaks. Multiple peaks rise more than 14'000 feet. The highest of the high sierra peaks: Miss Whitney at 14'495 feet. Miss Sierra nevada covers about 30'000 square miles. i love her. The last time i tasted and toasted with Miss Sierra nevada she tasted Of honeysap. Not like mountain web dew, or 7 up,

This mother tasted like severn peaks. Dipped in lemon guinness honey lavender HickorysΩma stuff And the clouds. Reconfigured and attenuated by moozick by Machine man mountain smiling interfaces. Semi-detached Souls meet as gas. Melody. Melody. Stringy glue binds us together. instrument, teletelecommunications, Jaminn. Plateau of brewskis in the sky Blended. Grandma sat knitting a mountain green orange purple shawl. Earth: a tied dyed rocky jazz jumper. Folk, bonded with RV hookups. Tent pegs of friendship, tissues and snackaroonies. Silver kegs of ampegs. Fireworks, cameras, charcoal grills, fun lovers. Smouldering naked vegetables. Pale ale vision.

Cooking and smoking hot at Sunset tinflash. Ready for eating. Bound over with electric acoustic soul-rebel miles reversed fingered into G's. Feet Davis tripping Over and over. Buttered Tickets and slugs in the night. flip flop beauties wave, Lost my one flipflo, thats why i'm hoppin. i Got the Tahoe blues. Surprise bluesman and clouds. Gabby Frisel, Mixed drinks. Mixed moozick by the wind! The vivid dream just last night of drumcircles amplified by forest television. i seen it man, branching out through dreams in woods. Circlular dreaming of percussive drum carts. Drum and golf rovers, drum and pace racing. Taka-tin-taka cycle. My smoky dreams all Hazy and glazed by lovers water spray AH. Cool meadow Dewy misty mountain top, low cut Tao drops te ching te ching taka ting taka ching.

My tongue on my chin. Whoa! Hot Hemp girl. Whoa! funk spirits awake. The groove conscience. Absolute dissapears behind a shrub. Ranges meltone and i dreamt off again: High up, bound with mountain manring string bands strong bonds, high up Seduced by Dead Kenny G's theory in A# Syncopated, electric sexual deep Banana slug mastersounds. Hot buttered flowmotion, Alo Alo. What is the sound? Tiny mountain blue claypools swirling. Ten mile high tidal groove. Flasks full, a pocket of trees. And the clouds. Free peoples. Bliss them conspirators. Natural Bridges dechorded, meltone into perpetual grooves. Blue ocean Jazz machine versus Mountain sky bluesman and the clouds high up 10,000 feet up and higher, moving vibrating over 30,000 quadrille miles Sneakin out for your musemeant and for the nocturnals - Kimock Williams and friends. Howard lymbyc system Surprise me Mr. Davis and Bill Frisell and dj Fly and the food, yes! i've sketched a kinky railroad poem to earth. Ode to the clouds. Ride with medicine snake tracks. Up two three four Swimming claypool.

A Monsoon and tidal joywave feast Old freight train chuggin, all animated, the true film. The keys on a turntable. Moving through penguin colored landscapes. Black, white, yellow and orange. Like a psychoactive Guiness. Upright bass and the clouds high up and violins strings become vines, jungle orchestra with monkey shit flying and large green leaves. Mixing while Parked in a jeweled waterspout Garaj and the clouds. Folklore medicine prophet show, and many Groovy bands play i'm meltone. let me set the scene: Wonderland i wonder into the Sierra nevada Mountains in Spain. in mind. Sitting peacefully with Blue turtle lotus Yoga showboyz and girls. Oh, the Goddess! Keep Tahoe blue and other popping pools and laughing lakes too. Akashic record collection, dusty and dog-eared. Stylus mind. Brush, pen and nozzel'd up. Heads to tackle the puzzle. What to do and what to think?

when reality evaporates in a blink blink of the eye of thunderer. Thunder BHANGRA music, lightening strikes the cow dung and the electricity sparks the tongue of Jim to emerge like a butterfly in song, bird song off your tongue as Hendricks and Ross. Your minds too heavy. Worldwoid of lead string, tied and knotted magnetic. Vortext me messausages to me macintosh. Wearing a hut thats bruised blue and hir effect sees knew, THiNK different. A pun. Think again: A Pull. Think for yourself: Fli-Tunes. My weapons of voice. The Termteabells. Executives, lawyers, accountants and generals made money in the moosick biz, without rhyme. The wordwide reconfiguration throughout the KNU gaps, LOUD Species of audiophiles, audio Playbacks and again. Wire back ex machina.

You have control of the movies and the television, in the palm of your hand, a Seal/calendar/revolutionary Fli-disc's or phonograph record, Listen. LPS the keys. The keys the LPS. The keys. Silly. Woid maybe born unto hemp vinyl seals. We change the wheels of steel into oatmeal pancake cyclopaths and more inner wheels. And still more cogs Spinning. Like a hair-loom or tape machine recorder. Spinning.

Listen. Edible clothing and edible
shelter might put an end to world famine.
fli jamcasting pattern ofblack smokers
Underwater, underground vents
Bacteria to put Uranium plates on a snake.

“You can scramble the news all together and spit it out every which way on ham radio and street recorders. You construct fake news broadcasts on video camera. For the pictures you can use mostly old footgae. Mexico City will do for a riot in Saigon, Chile you can use the Ongdonderry pictures. Nobody knows the difference. Fires, earthquakes, plane crashes can be moved around. For example, here is a plane crash in Toronto 108 dead. So move the picture of the Barcelona plane crash over to Tornoto and Toronto to Barcelona. And you scramble your fabricated news in with actual news broadcasts. You have the advantage which your opposing player does not have. He must conceal his manipulations. –Dudley M. Boros. CCS &ER.

11:45 A.M. 12:11:99 At The dream Temple Hotel i was touring around the different rooms with people i recognized but felt sure i had never met before, people from school or other classes. i was speaking with Bobby B. about the Philharmonic orchestra sitting on some stone steps somewhere else. Everyone pilled into a taxi while i ran off to the toilet which was way back up near the top floor of this dream-Temple hotel. i opened the wrong door and found myself in classrooms again. Walking back to the car i had an urge to dive into the swimming pool. So i dived right inn. I soon daydreamed of a much earlier moment in time when i was observing other people having fun in the pool, but, i was afraid of something. I ran and ran and then jumped onto the solid concrete diving board as if it were a plastic spring board, and i instantly travelled quickly into the air, it was plastic! i flew far-far further than any usual dive like that. it felt like i was attached to a pulley system or had wings. When i finally entered the water i swam around the pool with the feeling of another current moving along with me in the direction i choose.

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